AnimationRewind is the channel behind the production of Cartoon Fight Club, AR did Fictional Characters, Memes, Popular Characters, OCs, Joke Characters and Fodder Characters in his own CFC battle.

Power and Stats

Tier: Animator+ Level (Decided of he want to getting more level, or more dimensional)

Name: AnimationRewind

Age: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Height: Human

Weight: Human

Gender: Male

Real Name: Georgie Hasrouni

Origian: Cartoon Fight Club/CFC Verse

Classification: Animator
AnimationRewind Render

1st appearance: Appeared in CFC VS Death Battle

Last appearance: Unknown

Friend: Who let me know.

Enemies: Who let me know.

Species: CFC Leader of Animator

Quote: Unknown

Origin: Georgie Hasrouni or by his channel name: AnimationRewind is the creater and producer of the series Cartoon Fight Club. He was born on February 2, 1997, AR is a true meme fan and he's cool guy, he did all animation in his channel.

Personality: Not telling him about this.

Appearance: CFC Leader of Animator

Which is is AnimationRewind lot of better?: More Like Higher


- He announced that he will do a face reveal when he reachs 500,000 Subscribes.

- AnimationRewind did collab with his animators.

- AnimationRewind could just getting his original ideas.

Info: AnimationRewind was know all about The World like Fictional Characters, Popular Characters, Memes, OCs, Joke Characters, and Fodder Characters.

AnimationRewind's HP: Decided if he want getting more health.

Immune: Decided if he want to getting immune in a battle.

Power And Abilities

1. Animation Manipulation

2. Animator Skilled

3. Breaking 4th Wall Awareness

4. Hammerspace

5. Toon Force

6. Memes/PCs/OCs/JCs

7. Wank/Downplay Manipulation

8. Slow Talking

9. Knowledge of The World

AnimationRewind's Stats

Attack Potency: Animator+ Level (AR can force really powerful characters to fight and lose, and he can downgrade their abilities and tiers to make them lose.)

Speed: Regular Human (Based on human) | Rewindsonic+ (Decided if he want getting his speed.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Animator+ Class

Durability: Animator+ Level (Decided if he want getting his durability in a battle.)

Stamina: Very Low | Extremely High (Decided if he want getting his stamina in a battle.)

Range: Decided if he want getting his range in a battle.

Standard Equipment: Decided...

Intelligence: Likely Genius | High | Smart (AR is know all about The World.)


AR can force really powerful characters to fight and lose, and he can downgrade their abilities and tiers to make them lose.


Decided when you break his own animation in his youtube videos.


AnimationRewind is really powerful animatior in True Powerhouse of Animation, He want to know about him in a battle.


Notable Victories:

(Decided if he want to win in a battle.)

Notable Losses:

He doesn't need to lose in a battle.

Inconclusive Matches:




Sr Pelo





Mark Roosien


Angry Video Game Nerd