Bathia The Bat is a Red Universe character created by Crazy Is Crazy.

Power and Stats

Name: Bathia The Bat

Age: Around 17
Bathio or Bathia

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Female

Origian: Crazy Is Crazy

Classification: Monster, Bat

1st appearance: The Red Universe Monsters - SPEEDPAINT Here

Last appearance: Maybe something in another new video if making sure not Bathia appear in there.

Friends: (You have to find out)


Cecilia Crystal

Species: Bat Monster


1. "Do you want a cookie?"

2. "You are my special cookie."

Origin: Bathia is a Red Universe character that can make cookies. She sometimes put poison in it when her enemies wanted to eat it.

Personality: (You have to find out)

Appearance: Bathia wears a red sweater that has a broken heart sign on it, has a rat-like tail, has black eyes and red eye pupils, has blue skin, has red hair, has bat ears, has a torn skirt, has bat wings, and wears a necklace.

Which is Bathia lot of better?:50% Cool!

Trivia: Unknown

Info: Bathia is a bat figher, she could be cheat when people want cookie that she doesn't want give people cookie.

Bathia's HP: 180

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities

1. Flight

2. Blood Clawing

3. Regeneration (Low to Mid)

4. Summon Bats

5. Night Shade

6. Poisonous

7. Blood Magic

8. Genius Intelligence

9. Blood Sucking

Bathia's Stats

Attack Potency: Wall Level to Building Level (Can par with Cecilia Crystal, Fought in a battle.)

Speed: Supersonic (Can really good at flight skilled.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class to Building Class

Durability: Wall Level to Building Level

Stamina: Likely Low

Range: Extended melee range

Standard Equipment: None.

Intelligence: Likely Genius (Really good at combat, work so hard, and she also can think that people want cookies.)


- Par with Cecilia, Fought in a battle.

- Can be good at flight skilled.




Bathia was a bat that she's good at combat also she can par with Cecilia, She fought Cecilia in a battle because they both hate each other.


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