A long time ago, two races roamed over Earth; humans and monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. Seven powerful wizards sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. Two of these wizards that created the barrier were the two siblings, Copper Lightvale, the Wizard of Determination and Agate Lightvale, the Wizard of Bravery.

Despite both playing a part in creating the barrier, both had different views on it. Copper believed that the barrier should be shattered and monsters should live alongside humanity. Agate believed that the barrier was necessary to keep peace between monsters and humans. Soon, the two siblings decided to have a battle to determine if the barrier should be shattered or remain cast over The Underground. Throughout the battle, the Wizard of Determination's power kept gradually increasing. The Wizard of Bravery was completely overwhelmed by her brother's incredible power and lost as a result.

Agate's loss humiliated her, causing her to lose her magic and even her trait. She decided to search for a trait that was stronger than determination. Eventually, Agate discovered an ancient forbidden curse that would transform her soul into a trait stronger than determination; FEAR.

With these new powers, Agate returned to challenge her brother again. This time, instead of his Determination growing throughout the battle, Copper lost more determination as the battle progressed. As a result, he was overwhelmed by his sister's new powers and was killed by her.

However, Agate's soul was unable to adapt to the sudden change, causing her to slowly die. Knowing that her time was running short, she sacrificed her pink soul to create a powerful creature that would destroy all of monsterkind and mankind; Bete Noire.

Power and Stats

Tier: High 7-B l Low 6-B

Name: Betty Norie

Age: 12

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Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Also Known As: Bete Norie

Gender: Female

Origian: Undertale AUs - Glitchtale

Classification: Human Child

1st appearance: Appear in Glitchtale

Last appearance: Unknown




WD Gaster

Species: Evil Girl

Quote: "The Pink trait... A 'Bete Noire'. The soul of FEAR. I wished to be the one to reveal the big surprise. Oh well... (grins evilly) not like it matters. I already obtained all the information I needed."

Origin: Bête Noire, commonly referred to as Betty, is the main antagonist of Season 2. She holds a pink soul that represents the trait of FEAR, and is constantly accompanied by Akumu(who she often calls "Kumu,"), a blob-like being of an unknown species. She was created to ensure humans and monsters never had peace with each other. She seeks to gain the power to exterminate all monsters and humans.

Personality: During My Sunshine and a majority of Dust, Betty seemed to be incapable of cruelty. She was always bursting with energy and was very excited to meet Frisk. She had a reputation of always carrying a cheerful smile on her face. Around her peers, Betty acted very friendly. For example, in My Sunshine, she was quick to greet Jessica Grey. But, at the same time, she seemed to be a tad shy. This is shown when she blushes when she met Toriel. She also seemed a little secretive when it came to her soul and her powers. Despite appearing to be sweet and innocent, Betty's personality easily changed after Dr. Gaster read about the tale of two siblings. Here, he learned that the Agate Lightvale sacrificed her pink soul to create a powerful creature that would destroy all of humanity and monsterkind. Afterwards, she wasted no time trying to hide the monster inside of her. Betty revealed that she enjoys it when she severely hurts others (both physically and emotionally), indicating that she has a very sadistic personality. She appears to enjoy hurting her opponents before she kills them. A popular example of this was when use activated Rhabdophobia in her battle with Gaster. In fact, Betty is known for attempting to kill anyone in her way. In fact, sometimes she kills others (even if their innocent) just to help her achieve her goals. At one point, she even killed innocent children just so she could gain souls to get stronger. It also clear that Betty has no problem lying or betraying others. This is proven when she betrayed Jessica Grey. Betty appears to suffer from necrophobia. If a foe tries to attack her with a powerful blow, she wears an absolutely terrified expression on her face. She also seems highly intelligent and knows what to get what she wants. Like a majority of Glitchtale villians, Betty, for the most part, thinks that what she does is the right thing to do. According a post and a couple of lines from Scared of Me, she believes that monsters and humans living together is "like a time bomb waiting to go off". Therefore, she thinks killing humans and monster is simply "just speeding up the process". Despite Betty's sadism and murderous aims, she appears to be unwillingly evil. This is shown in the comic that showed her awakening. Here, she seemed to be a good person until Agate Lightvale started commanding her to do her evil deeds. In a post, it was revealed that she is unsure if what she was doing was really the right thing to do. She even seems to care about Akumu. For example, in Do or Die, she showed noticeable FEAR when the creature was hurt in their battle with Dr. Gaster. Both Kumu and Betty appear to treasure each other as their best and only friend. Betty seems to be scared of the HATE's plans. This indicates that she has standards because the HATE plans are far more evil than her own. While under HATE's control, Betty appears to act far more violent and insane. In this state, if she gets into a battle, she mercilessly attacks her foes with a twisted black smile on her face. Also, she appears to lack self control.

Appearance: Betty has about medium-long brown hair with tips of pink on the edges. When Rhabdophobia is almost charged, her hair becomes mostly pink with a dash of brown at the top. When it is fully charged, her hair becomes completely pink with no trace of brown. She wears a magenta skirt and a light purple turtle neck with a large light pink stripe at its bottom. Betty also has pink eyes, light purple leggings, and brown boots that almost reach her knees. When comparing her size to Frisk's, Betty appears to be a bit taller than Frisk. In her HATE form, her eyes turn a brighter shade of pink and her scleras become black. It is a possibility that her skin could turn completely black when the HATE takes control of her; which is similar to Chara being covered in HATE in Continue. Betty has the physical appearance of a twelve year old girl but is a couple hundred years , most of that time being in a deep sleep only to be awaking when the barrier shattered.

Which is Betty lot of better?: 68% Great.



  • Frisk's Genocide Route continues and Betty is an "ERASER TOOL". Confirmed Theory
  • Betty has shown symptoms of anti-social personality disorder. Symptoms include lying (such as when she betrayed Jessica Grey), feeling no remorse (as shown in Do or Die, when she was killing children), and showing hostility and sadism (like when she was laughing as she killed Sans in Dust).
  • Actually, Betty doesn't have a gender Camila Post. But is referred to as a female. For example, when Asriel told Frisk about Betty's true nature, he says "We have to tell Gaster and the others. Before shehurts someone else."
  • Betty's full name, Bete Noire, comes from the French term bête noire, meaning "someone or something that one particularly dislikes." This is fitting, as, for her creator, Agate Lightvale, monsters were her bête noire. Bete Noire specifically means "Black Beast".
  • Akumu (悪夢) is the Japanese word for "Nightmare."
  • Veir stated that "Betty fears death," revealing that she has Necrophobia.
    • "Do or Die" confirmed it when Betty was about to be killed by one of Gaster's gaster blasters.
  • Betty, as stated, becomes stronger the closer she is to dying.
  • The trait, FEAR, is the opposite of Bravery, and one of the requirements to gain the trait is an inverted Bravery soul.
  • In My Sunshine, Betty can be seen looking around the AMD HQ while Frisk was talking with Jessica Grey.
  • Betty seems to grow more powerful by absorbing human and monster souls, which also causes her hair to turn increasingly pink. It also activates her special attack, Rhabdophobia.
  • Camilla Cuevas, the creator of Glitchtale, once had Betty's profile photo in YouTube, even before Betty was seen in the series. This indicates that Betty was originally Camila's old Undertale OC (original character).
  • Only one FEAR soul can exist at any moment, and the same goes for Determination, and only FEAR can defeat Determination and vice versa.
  • At the beginning of My Sunshine, Betty can be seen watching Toriel and her students
  • Rhabdophobia is the FEAR of magic or the fear to be wounded by magical attacks.
  • According to a tumblr post, Betty was looking for something in the core.
  • According to Camila Cuevas, Betty does not eat, sleep, or bleed. This was also shown in Love, when Betty did not shed any blood after being hit by Undyne's spear.
  • Camila once said on her Tumblr page that the soul of FEAR is pink because pink is a color that looks innocent and can also tricks the characters and the audiences.
  • In the current situation, HATE seems to have begun to take full control of Betty's body.
  • Some people believe that the HATE Chara had in Season 1 is the same HATE Betty has. However, this theory has been debunked. Camila Cueves herself admits that the HATE Betty absorbed had nothing to do with Chara.
  • In fact, Betty was killed by Undyne in the battle against Undyne the Undying , but Kumu rescued Betty with a HATE vial, After Battle of HATE vs Undyne the Undying, Betty took back her body's control, They escaped from Undyne, Undyne won this battle without any damage come by Betty, except HATE.
  • If Akumu dies, Betty will slowly die, and the same applies for Akumu. The same is true for both, but they do not die immediately, it should take a while.
  • In one camila tumblr post, Camila released a canon conversation about Betty. A conversation that was never shown in the series. Tumblr post
  • Betty is scared of HATE's intentions Camila Post
  • Killing monsters and killing humans only half, is enough to stop Betty. It's not necessary to kill them all. Camila Post
  • Determination may block and refuse, FEAR's Rhabdophobia ability.
  • Bete Noire Spell is couple hundred years old but Body Age is 13, body age never progresses.
  • Betty has currently captured 26 human souls and 1 monster soul, but none is enough to become a GOD. Camila Post
  • Camila doesn't want explain, why Betty is interested about Asriel's soul. Camila Post
  • In "Do or Die" episode Betty is was looking for a "very special" soul in Gaster's lab.Camila Post
  • If hardmode isn't activated, Betty would never have existed in Season 2 and those fights would have never happened. Camila Post
  • Physical body of a 12 years old girl Camila Post
  • Betty is actually a couple hundred years old Camila Post
  • Betty's power is not enough for Undyne. Camila Post

Info: Betty could just easily beat Left

Betty's HP: 450

Immune: Soul Manipulation

Power And Abilities

1. Spear of Fear

2. Weapon of Nightmare

3. Rhabdophobia

4. Illusion Manipulation

5. Betty's Pet Kuma

6. Non-Corporeal

7. Regeneration

8. Soul Manipulation


Betty's Stats

Attack Potency: Large City Level l Small Country Level

Speed: Hypersonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large City Class l Small Country Class

Durability: Large City Level l Small Country Level

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Dozen of meters

Standard Equipment: Fear

Intelligence: Presumably incredibly high


Betty is a glitch and is currently genociding a city though she isnt strong enough to beat Undyne with final form.




Betty is a fear human child, she's in Glitchtale and she's very strong and she can fear everyone, even she can beat Left in a fight.


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