BlackSen is a bandit. but he's a animator and he is good guy which his videos are funny, people love him anyway.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 9-B

Name: BlackSen

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Also Known As: Black Bandit

Gender: Male

Origian: BlackSen

Classification: Animator

Real Name: (We need to reason here.)

1st appearance: (You must have to find out)


Last appearance: Unknown





Species: Black Guy

Quote: Unknown

Origin: BlackSen is member of Animation Squad he's together with TheOdd1sout.

Personality: BlackSen is a bad guy but he's good.

Appearance: BlackSen wear black hat, wear black shirt and uh.... idk...

Download (1)

Which is BlackSen lot of better?: 43% Good.

Trivia: (We need to reason here.)

Info: BlackSen can just smack Ethan The Green Minecraft Jester.

BlackSen's Subscribe: 238,620

BlackSen's Views: 11,998,008

BlackSen join YouTube: Nov 1, 2006

Twitter: @BlackSen

Style: Animation

Schedule: Unknown

Status: Active

Videos: 40+

BlackSen's HP: 350

Immune: Unknown

Power And AbilitiesEdit

1. Animation Maniplution

2. Animator Skill

3. Morphing Maniplution (Can turn them to big boobs, and big butt with only girls)

4. Rap Dance

5. Bangarang


6. Knowledge Animation

7. Melee Punch

8. Sex Creation

9. Physics Maniplution

BlackSen's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Wall Level

Speed: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Regular Human

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Durability: Wall Level

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: His Ability

Intelligence: High


Can turn them girls into big boobs, big butt, or something.


None Notable


BlackSen is just Bandit, he's animator. he can turn them girls into big boobs, big butt, or something if he's biased.


Notable Victories:

Ethan The Green Minecraft Jester

Mountain Punch

Super Dank Ethan

Notable Losses:


Inconclusive Matches:


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