Cartoon Fight Club is AnimationRewind's crowning achievement. Similar to Death Battle and Fatal Fiction, it involves two or more characters fighting to the bloody end. It currently has over 220 rounds overall including bonus rounds, and is infamous on Youtube.
CFC Wallpaper
Each episode consists of an introduction, an analysis for each fighter, the fight, and then an explanation for the outcome. Also at the end of each video, a rematch is offered that will have different factors in the fight (Different versions of characters, preparation time, etc). This rematch will only happen if a certain number of people ask for it in the video's comments. The channel consists a team of multiple animators and researchers. Most episodes are 1 on 1 fights, but some are 2 on 2s, or even Total Wars, which are groups of characters fighting. There have also been 2 Final Face Offs and a Free For All, as well as one episode where a large group of fighters fought one more powerful fighter. The full rounds list is below.

Power Of The Verse

Varies based on the characters involved. Lots of scaling involved due to Salt Assault and Cartoon Fight Club to a lesser extent.

CFC Best Youtuber/Animator


CFC Researchers/Moderators


The Monster King

Anthuny Stallings

Battle Star

Miss X


Caleb's Animations

Rick Stead

B Is Bonkers 22

Magi Hussie

Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh!

Levi Smith

The MLG Avocado


CFC Members

Nyan The Gamer

Kraze Gaming

Mars Blast

Mutant Po (SanicFan)


Nyan Cat Poptart

King Bailey

Smash Dude

Creeper Pixel

The Thingiantor Guy




Larry Windwood

Josh Medley

Huntsman Draconia



Hail The God Twains

Undoubtedly Bendy

Krossbone Gaming


Bad Guy

TCAAC The Top Commneter