Cassie Rose is from Minecraft Stroy Mode, see what if she was in ExplodingTNT when people did give idea for ExplodingTNT, what should she do in near future?

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 7-C (With Minecraft Form) 4-C l 3-A - (With Round Form)

Name: Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose

Age: 24

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Female

Also Known As: Autumn Hoody

Origian: ExplodingTNT

Classification: Girl with Bloody Axe

Species: The Creepy Hoody

1st Appearance: "A Portal to Mystery"

Last Appearance: May Something in ExplodingTNT's Future Video If Everyone want this idea.



First Cassie Rose




Pink Sheep

Purple Shep

YouTubers (Maybe Something I think)

Jesse's Gang


Jeff The Killer

Eyeless Jack

Cassie Minecraft Form



Hospile Mobs

Garish's Gang

White Pumpkin

Prisoners From Desert

Dusty Police


Bearded Red Sheep

Yandere Chan



1. "Quite, Prisoners aren't supposed to talk."

2. "I'm too cute to die!"

3. "It's OK, Winslow. Don't be afraid."

Origian: Cassie Rose is another one of ExplodingTNT's Upcoming Character. Someone want to have own idea for ExplodingTNT's Video. once probably something in the future, it has not appear in his video.....

Appearance: Cassie appears to wear a black shirt and blue shorts. She has red hair and wears a blue cap along with black glasses.

Personality: Cassie is portrayed to be a grumpy, suspicious individual who seems to be very frightened as well. She also cares very deeply for her cat. She also appears to be a somewhat friendly, yet fearful, individual who is good friends with ShadowRogueBoy. Her ruthless nature is also hinted at, as shown when she suggests throwing Jack outside to be eaten by Zombies, much to the Gang' shock.


- She is a popular character in ExplodingTNT, to be a real-life YouTuber, the other being TorqueDawg.

- Cassie Rose got her axe from Swamp Biome, in Wet Cave Of Outrageous, Cassie Rose just reavel in Wet Cave Of Outrageous, She had a sister is Trina Stirpe, The swamper staff member.

- Cassie Rose's pet cat is also called Winslow. Cassie has a fear of being locked up, since she started shaking and threatening everybody when Nugrain Guard voted to lock her up.

- Cassie could possibly be Autman Hoody, as suggested by them in "The Greatest Chinese". This is shown determinately when ShadowRogueBoy just reveals Vine Thing to Chinese Man. In this scene, He mentions, "I haven't seen any of those since Cassie left." She also used an axe as a weapon, like how Chinese Man did. If Cassie wasn't an Swamper.

Info: Everyone Think Cassie Rose isn't White Pumpkin

Which is Cassie Rose lot of better?: 43% Perfect.

Cassie Rose's HP: 1700

Immune: Blue Flame, Remember When Jesse could just used enchanted Flint and Steel set on blue fire and Cassie Rose was get dubenked by Jesse use blue fire.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

1. Axe Shasher

2. Soul Manipulation

3. Cursing

4. Zone Tan's Green Tentacles

5. Death Scent

6. Genius Intelligence

7. Non-Corporal

8. Necromancy

9. Reality Wraping

Cassie Rose's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Small Town Level (With Minecraft Form l Star Level l Universal Level (Can created her own universe) - (With Round Form)

Speed: Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Small Town Class (With Minecraft Form l Star Class l Universal Class - (With Round Form)

Durability: Small Town Level (With Minecraft Form l Star Level l Universal Level - (With Round Form)

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Standard melee range (With Minecraft Form) l Stealler l Universal - (With Round Form)

Standard Equipment: Her Enchanted Axe, which she can fought enemies at will, countless goat servants | Her own one realm.

Intelligence: Genius (She can work all english, she's so good at high school, and she has skilled combat, she can learn how to summon soul and has meme power.)


- Has trap human in the mansion.

- Has survive from The Desert Jail with HoverBro4 and his friends.

- Cassie Rose can create 4 Soul to destroy the tower.

- Has turn Minecraft into Round Form with her drawing in first animation.

- Can created her own universe.


Could be weakend by Fries Bean.


Cassie Rose is a killer and She is a Popular Character in ExplodingTNT, She is grumpy sometimes what just gang do with her and she can have created soul.


Notable Victories:


Notable Losses:

Nobody can beat her!

Inconclusive Matches:

Yandere Chan



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