Cecilia Crystal is from Crazy is Crazy, She is a skeleton spider and She's one part of Muffet.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-B and 9-A

Name: Cecilia Crystal
Cecilia Crystal Render

Age: 18

Height: Same as Muffet

Weight: Same as Muffet

Also Known As: Unknown

Gender: Female

Origian: Crazy is Crazy

Classification: Monster, Spider, Skeleton

1st appearance: in Cafe Crystal Wine

Last appearance: Unknown



Red Universe Mark

Red Universe Rick

Red Universe Jip



Red Universe Daniel

Species: Spider Demon

Quote: Unknown

Origin: Unknown

Personality: Unknown

Appearance: Cecilia Crystal is a spider demon, she wear red shirt, wear blue bow, and eh? idk...

Which is Cecilia Crystal lot of better?: 42% Perfect

Trivia: Only her head is made of skin. The rest of her body are bones. Queen Emily punished her on a day and transformed her body into a skeleton except her head. She lives in The Red Universe. (A Alternate Universe of Crazy Is Crazy ) She has her own Café "Crystal Wine" in the village of the Red Universe. She makes and sells her own wine. She makes her wines with blood that she got from the victims that she killed. Most of her victims were HUMANS. She lives in her Café. In her Café she has her sleeproom in the underground. Her sleeproom is very big and extremely high. She loves red & black roses. She hates Bathia and Red Universe Daniel. She hates Bathia because of their business companies. They don't want to lose their customers. She hates Red Universe Daniel because Red Universe Daniel thinks he is the strongest human of all the Red Universe humans with his weapons and motorcycle. Cecilia Crystal thinks he's absolutely not.

Info: They think Cecilia is cute, she's not.

Cecilia Crystal's HP: 450

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities

1. Bone Manipulation

2. Soul Manipulation

3. 4th Wall Breaking Awaress

4. Blood Manipulation

5. Immortality (Type 1,7)

6. Numerous Bone

7. Spider Manipulation

8. Web Creation

9. Gaster Hands

Cecilia's Stats

Attack Potency: Wall level to Building level (Due to bone manipulation she can make some big as a house.)

Speed: Peak Human (She's really similar to a human in terms of speed) l Subsonic (Due to bone manipulation she can make a bone that can make her fly and make her fast.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class to Class Building

Durability: Wall Level to Building Level (Same with that.)

Stamina: Presumably quite high

Range: At the very least dozens of meters.

Standard Equipment: Bones, Bones hands, Broken Bottles

Intelligence: Below average (she can easily get tricked angry with few words)


- Due to bone manipulation she can make some big as a house.

- She's really similar to a human in terms of speed.

- Due to bone manipulation she can make a bone that can make her fly and make her fast.

- Fought on RU Rick who slam on Cecilia.


Ceclila can be bribed to lower the intensity of her attacks.


She's a really dangerous evil skeleton like spider who can control bones like sans but it can be tricked very easy.


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