Daniel James Johnson (born February 21, 1991 [age 27]), better known as his username Danger Dolan, otherwise known as DDTheDDGuides or DDTop20, is an Australian YouTuber. As of March he has over 8.5 million subscribers and more than 1.9 billion views over three channels: Planet Dolan Super Planet Dolan and Planet Dolan Entertainment Danger Dolan is the owner and head of Planet Dolan. His character is a white humanoid. His brand of "TRUTH!" is passionate. But his co hosts tend to disagree with the accuracy of his claims.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Danger Dolan
Danger Dolan Render

Age: 27

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Real Name: Daniel James Johnson

Gender: Male

Origian: Super Planet Dolan

Classification: Animator

1st appearance:

Last appearance:

Friend: (You have to find out.)

Enemies: Unknown

Species: Sponge

Quote: "I'm Danger Dolan and I'm here to blow your mind with TRUTH"

Origin: Danger Dolan is an Australian YouTuber, and the main host of the channel Planet Dolan and Planet Dolan GAMING. He also appears as co-host in several episodes of Super Planet Dolan, where he answers fan-submitted questions in a way that is completely inaccurate (most of the time), but is meant to convince the audience of its validity, or simply for entertainment purpose. His character's design and clothing os strongly based on the "Dolan Duck" internet meme, which started in 2010.

Personality: Dolan is portrayed as being kindhearted and care-free, yet somewhat dimwitted, as shown by his explanations on various questions being outlandish and hard to believe, and conflict often arises between himself and other Planet Dolan characters (Notably Shima Luan and Melissa) when his ideas are challenged. He is also very naive, seemingly having little to no knowledge about anything a typical person would know, which leads to him being easy to manipulate by others. Very occasionally, Dolan will correctly answer a submitted question, such as in the S.P.D episode "Can you inflate a balloon underwater?", which is shown to surprise him.



Dolan is a white, humanoid figure, with no discernable physical features other than eyes that have no pupil color. He is shown to have other body parts on some occasions, such as a nose, but only when needed for comedic value.


Dolan wears a blue, puffy hat with a black ribbon coming from the top. Besides from that, he wears no clothing. Although, Dolan oftentimes wears other clothing, but only when it's required to for comedic value.

Which is Danger Dolan lot of better?: 62% Noice...


  • Dolan is one of the main characters in the series, Dolan Life Mysteries.
  • In the Planet Dolan episode, "DUMB THINGS WE BELIEVED AS A KID", Dolan states that he thought sex was planking on one another. And the animation was Dolan's sprite being dragged to Golden Gooby's sprite and shaking. This further supports the fact that he is in a relationship to her.
  • And in another Planet Dolan episode, "THINGS WE GOT CAUGHT DOING AT SCHOOL", It has been said that Dolan and Gooby were caught banging in the restroom. This strongly supports the fact that Dolan and Gooby are in a relationship with each other.
    • Both are based on characters from a meme called 'The Uncle Dolan Show' with Dolan being based on Uncle Dolan and Golden Gooby being based on Gooby.
  • Dolan, in the past, has held an art contest for his new Picture for his YouTube icon for no less than 2 years. Shima is noteworthy as being someone who submitted artwork for this.
  • Dolan's design is the simplest we have seen so far, with a large majority of his design being white, and the rest being black or blue.
  • Dolan is the only character who's sibling has appeared in the show.
  • In Do Penguins Have Knees? | Dolan Life Mysteries Dolan gets rickrolled

Info: Danger Dolan is a white person, he has some feats from Super Planet Dolan You´ll see what can he do.

Danger Dolan's HP: 200

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities

1. Animation Manipulation

2. Animator Skill

3. Plot Manipulation

4. Knownledge QnA

5. Below in Commnets

6. Truth

7. Slow Talking

8. 4th Breaking Wall

9. Superhuman Endurance

Danger Dolan's Stats

Attack Potency: Wall Level

Speed: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall Level

Stamina: High

Range: Ten of meters

Standard Equipment: Commnet

Intelligence: Likey Smart


Dolan is aware of his surroundings as he is aware he is in an animation.




Danger Dolan is an animator and he's an Australian Youtuber, he's nice to everyone and he has all done QnA to do that.


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