Devil Chatty is an orange Treeble Monster that can be found at Desert, located in Near the Savannah. Chatty, along with ememies, are the official mascots of GroveCraft. He was introduced as an monster in GroveCraft on Present.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 3-A Physically

Name: Devil Chatty


Age: Unknown, May Vary.

Height: Same as Chatty

Weight: Same as Chatty

Gender: Male

Origian: GroveCraft

Classification: Deadly Squirrel

1st appearance: Shut down the game Free Realms

Last appearance: Appear in GroveCraft


Inapplicable Souls



Nolan Sweetscribe

Jack The Zombie Pigman

Cassie Rose


Duncan The Food Owner

Rinapple The Maid

Species: Glitch Chatty


1. "Your Fucking Friend is now die!"

2. "Do You want to get stuff back?........ Oh Hahaha No You're not here now!"

3. "Anyway, thanks though for make our guys. Now You're just to be killing!"

4. "You shouldn't be in free realms anymore. You can't get stuff back!"

Story: Haven't you hearded about that? Finely, Here's Bad News happened in this game, Long time ago, In 2009, Chatty was existed in Free Realms, April 28, 2009, Free Realms was created By SOE, Free Realms was a massive multiplayer online role playing video game, developed by Sony Online Entertainment for the PC set in a fantasy-themed world named Sacred Grove, Everyone enjoyed play Free Realms so annoying, Chatty was excited about Your Player join the game in Free Realms, Fun Play to new explore new locations, Likey Snowhills, Seaside, Blackspore, Merry Vale, and all of locations, Even Sunstone Valley, We want to see new locations, Black Forest, Sliver Hills, And Lavender Coast, But We are more fun at free realms, Those things stuff are so cool, bad, good, OR awesome, then Chatty saw Robbie the rogobiln, chatty and robbie hate each other, Robbie want everyone love robbie... Chatty will telling Everyone that what Chatty saying ''The Sunset of Free Realms is an official term used by Sony Online Entertainment representatives when referring to the closure of Free Realms on March 31, 2014'' Then Everyone was okay, Everyone quited Free Realms, Warning! Everyone was gone in Free Realms, What would happen? Free Realms has been shut down, and Chatty is so sadly, Then he went to black forest, He talk Wizard about that game is shut down, Then Wizard saying ''Are you sure about that?'' Then Chatty saying ''Yes, We are gone in this game'' and wizard will magic him, turn into evil, and destory everyone, and ground around the world, He is obviously immoral, and can't die because free realms is shut down, and He will take over another game soon, Everyone are scared of devil chatty..... That's Scary Story Of Free Realms, You doesn't know about the story of Free Realms is died.

Origin: Devil Chatty is a known blood treeble where he can shut down free realms and can't get it back anymore, One Day, He was discovered another world and enter the world.

Personality: He is just rude and so mean, Devil Chatty was know who everyone are just fucking people and Devil Chatty decided to catch people.

Appearance: Devil Chatty is just look like Chatty (Free Realms) But His skin is orange fur, has squirrel tail, horrible skeleton head in his cover head, his red bleed eye, and his skin is zombie spill and blood spill.

Which is Devil Chatty lot of better?: 26% Shit.

Trivia: Devil Chatty's Voice was James Arnold Taylor's Voice, Someone all know now prove it. (Hint: You can found him in Twitter. Maybe You do?)

Info: Devil Chatty was angry at HoverBro4 because They told us about Free Realms is died, Nolan can escape from The Demon Of Creepy Destoryer can basically shut down Free Realms. Making sure Devil Chatty wanted to catched Nolan Sweetscribe.

Devil Chatty's HP: 4580 (Can't adorably be die, during his health was increased more than Dolan Duk.

Immune: Arrows

Power And AbilitiesEdit

1. Soul Manipulation

2. Bloody Claw

3. Flight

4. Summon Soul

5. Darkness Manipulation

6. Virus Manipulation

7. Scary Face

8. Coldness Survival

9. Skilled Combatant

Devil Chatty's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Universe Level (Can shut down Free Realms)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Better speed than Chatty)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Universe Level

Durability: Universe Level

Stamina: Rather Higher

Range: Universe

Standard Equipment: Memoto

Intelligence: Likey Average | High (Devil Chatty much known all of Free Realms, and has been cancelled by SOE Creator.)


- Has been cancelled The Game, Free Realms, since they has been now in 2014 before.

- Can defeated Monlac, consciousness of the victim, sending them into the abyss, where they will wander forever, deprived of the possibility to reincarnate. Because this gulf is not part of Desert, no contact with the rock which is trapped in the abyss is no longer possible.

- Devil Chatty CAN go with retreat when Enemy being defeated Devil Chatty and get away from here.


None Notable.


Devil Chatty is The Demon Of Creepy Destroyer, He has known power that will caught people to jail, and actually he can flight to another place which will go battle against enemies.


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