Eddsworld Wallpaper


Eddsworld is an animated comedy that was created by Edd Gould, produced using Adobe Flash software, and shared on sites such as YouTubeNewgrounds, and even its very own website.

It stars three main characters, Edd, Tom, and Matt, all based on real-life friends and voiced by their real-life counterparts. Other minor characters make appearances in different animations, or may just be a guest star for one episode only. Previously, Tord was also a main character, however his real-life counterpart and voice actor left the group in 2008 after Moving Targets was released to pursue his ambitions individually, and so the character left on-screen at the beginning of 25ft Under the Seat.

Power Of The Verse 

Being a animation that has a good amount of weaponry, as well as characters that can easily take down most grown teenagers and expert fighters in hand-to-hand combat, this franchise usually sits on the street-wall level spectrum, though certain items from the 6th general give certain characters even more of a boost.

Main Protagonists






(You have to find out.)