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Eight Marbles 2X is the video game that people found. so there's not Eight Marbles 2X in VS Battle Wiki because it isn't made all that well. The game is fully Japanese and as such, its info needs to be translated. The Eight Marbles series is made by *Maiga858*. He has a Deviantart page if you want to find him. The wiki is currently under construction and as such may be lacking information in some places, but hopefully not for long. This is a fast paced 2D fighting game that was made using 2D Fighter Maker. It uses a 6 button layout but 3 buttons are used as shortcuts for special moves. Everything about the game is likable until people see what most of the characters fight with. Eight Marbles 2X is a fetish game and as such may please some and alienate many. The roster is almost all female and most of those females fight with "Onara" or farting, but if These are here these must be interested in the game as this game isn't popular to normal people anyway. This game includes a lot of guest characters as well from various media.

 Power Of The VerseEdit

The verse has fart moves, skill and even power characters. It also has high hax and massively faster than light speed.

Eight Marbles 2X Girls are only for have fart moves and has power.

Eight Marbles 2X Boys are only haven't fart moves and has power.

Other has any skill and power. Whenever...

First CharacterEdit

Megaira Belphegor

Eight Marbles 2X CharactersEdit










Great Magician

Morry Holly

Angel Ace






Boss CharacterEdit

Princess Elsa

Maiden Astraea

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