ExplodingTNT Verse

ExplodingTNT (Verse) is only for werid and hildarous characters. When the channel was created, it featured videos of various structures in Minecraft being blown up with TNT, hence the channel name. However, the main focus of the channel was eventually changed to the machinima making channel ExplodingTNT it is today. It has since become a highly successful channel, with over 3.5 million subscribers. ExplodingTNT also has a popular series called Lost Island. He has many actors who work in his videos, some of them are YouTubers, such as Infinimineralex, Extr3meGam3rs, SgtBlockBuster, and ZephPlayz just to name a few. The combination of great actors, and the brilliant Director's mind, is what it takes to create videos the whole world loves.

Power Of The VerseEdit

The characters are powerful, especially in terms of hax such as meme powers with the majority of Windows era characters in the high tier range and possessing speeds that exceed light itself, and werid characters exceeding that scale, especially TorqueDawg, a possibly has "They can't die" they has more power and skills (Just like Toon Force Characters and Touhou Characters) or something possibly salt assault if these characters has much...





Pink Sheep

Purple Shep


Pink Guy

Likely If these would be added in ExplodingTNT's Video but not now yet, here's these list about new charactersEdit


Cassie Rose


Homie Dolphin

Extremely unlikely for lore reasons. But it would have to be before the events of ExplodingTNT's Characters (some of you probably know why.)Edit



Roblox Noob


Billy The Builder

Ender Dragon


Scarf Guy

Evil GuyEdit

Evil ExplodingTNT

Some Charcters that definitely be not in ExplodingTNT, if they show reason to tell how to do?Edit

Madison_Madison (New Character)

Crystal Sheep (Pink Sheep's Girlfriend)

Purple Shep's Girlfriend (Actually there's in Pink Sheep's Channel about Purple Shep has a girlfriend, maybe something in the future maybe not sure about that.)

Repu32 (New Character)

DerpyDerp (Remember him? he is in If Herobrine´s Shirt were desgained in ExplodingTNT´s Video? Now we will see him again in there.)

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