ExplodingTNT (Verse) is only for werid characters. When the channel was created, it featured videos of various structures in Minecraft being blown up with TNT, hence the channel name. However, the main focus of the channel was eventually changed to the machinima making channel ExplodingTNT it is today. It has since become a highly successful channel, with over 3.5 million subscribers. ExplodingTNT also has a popular series called Lost Island. He has many actors who work in his videos, some of them are YouTubers, such as Infinimineralex, Extr3meGam3rs, SgtBlockBuster, and ZephPlayz just to name a few.
TNTSquad ExplodingTNT
The combination of great actors, and the brilliant Director's mind, is what it takes to create videos the whole world loves.

Power Of The Verse

Something what this verse wasn't very good strong, but yeah. They actually have feats from ExplodingTNT Verse.





Pink Sheep

Purple Shep


Pink Guy

Homie Dolphin

Seth The Dirt

It's Liz

Pee Pee Enderman

Some Unrelated Characters


Billy The Builder

Ender Dragon

Scarf Guy