Fancy Pants is created by Brad Borne and Ts7 (theseraj7). He is a main character in many flash games.

Fancy pants man
Fancy pants man (1)

Powers and Stats

Name: Fancy Pants

Age: Unknown (He's likely a teenager)

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Also Known As: Fancy Pants Man, Pants Man, Noble Man of Pants, Mr. Pants

Gender: Male

Origian: Brad Borne and Ts7

Classification: Stickman

1st appearance: Fancy Pants Adventure

Last appearance: Unknown

Friends: Unknown

Enemies: (You have to find out)

Species: Unknown

Quote: Unknown

Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Fancy Pants is a stickman with spikey, choppy hair, wearing only a pair of colored triangular-shaped pants.

Personality: Unknown

Which is Fancy Pants lot of better?: 60% Noice character!


  • Despite the few games Fancy Pants has, he has proven himself to be rapidly growing in popularity as all his games have over 100 million plays & the numbers still continue to grow. Beginning on Newgrounds, the Fancy Pants Adventures have now earned a spot on the Playstation Network & Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Fancy Pants is often said to be a combination of Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog rolled into the body of a stick figure with fancy pants. This may just be a result of the gameplay being based on these two.
  • When the popular Newgrounds Smash Bros equivalent, Newgrounds Rumble, was originally released, Fancy Pants never appeared in it because Brad Bourne didn't finish the sprites in time. Fancy was later released in an update of the game.

Info: Unknown

Fancy Pants's HP: Unknown

Immune: Unknown

Powers and Abilities

1. Super Jump

2. Acrobatics

3. Master Swordsman

4. Super Speed

5. High Agility

6. Can draw or erase things using a pencil

7. 4th Wall Breaking

8. Smart Intelligence

9. Canon Ball Speed Roll

Extra Abilities:


Powerful Kicks

Can shoot ink by using a pen

Fancy Pants's Stats

Attack Potency: Wall level to Small Country Level

Speed: Speed of Sound

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Likely Small Country Level

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Extended Melee Range or Long

Standard Equipment: Pencil or Pen

Intelligence: Smart


  • Defeated ink monsters.
  • Defeated an angry rabbit and angry penguin.
  • Defeated Captain Manly Beard.
  • Defeated an evil giant pencil.
  • Has been shown to not get tired.


He can be killed with normal projectiles.


He's an agile and athletic stickman that is capable of running complete loops and can use his momentum to increase speed to gain more height and/or distance normally unable to be reached. His abilities have progressed during his adventures ranging from back-flips, rolling, sliding, the wall jump and the wall run. Using his pencil he found in World 3, he can quick jab, whack enemies and use it to spin horizontally or vertically to attack enemies and bounce off them, thereby gaining more height after jumping or flying off ramps.


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