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GreenTeaNeko is a webcomic artist from Singapore. She is primarily known for his MonGirl series of 4-panel comics, which focus on monster girls.

Power and Stats Edit

Tier: 8-A

Name: GreenTeaNeko

IMG 20171028 184045

Age: 18

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Female

Origian: Everything Comics - GreenTeaNeko

Classification: Comics Creation

1st appearance: Unknown

Last appearance: Unknown

Friend: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Species: Cute Neko

Quote: Unknown

Origin: GreenTeaNeko is a member of Collateral Damage Studios, a Singapore-based group of visual artists. It is through this group that MonGirl is published.

Personality: Unknown

Appearance: She's cute neko girl.

Which is GreenTeaNeko lot of better?: 42% Good but you did NSFW, that doesn't matter... :)


GreenTeaNeko was born on April 19, 1989. She currently resides in Singapore, and posts many of his comics in Chinese.

- She did NSFW in her own comics.

Info: GreenTeaNeko has her star wand.

GreenTeaNeko's HP: 200

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities Edit

1. Comic Creation

2. Art Manipulation

3. Artist Skilled

4. Summon Chibi Neko

5. Life Manipulation

6. NSFW Theme

7. Genius Intelligence

8. Flight

9. Wishing

GreenTeaNeko's Stats Edit

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block Level

Speed: Regular Human

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Multi-City Class

Durability: Multi-City Block Level

Stamina: Likely Low

Range: Extranded melee range

Standard Equipment: Her Star Wand

Intelligence: Likely Genius




When She scared of vore.


GreenTeaNeko is great comic creation and she's one infamous person in the world.

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