Greenstar was originally a young boy named Larry Windwood who lives on a planet which is split in many different time zones such as prehistoric, futuristic, current, and more. Where Sub lived was an ancient time in a ancient village. At the age of 5 he visited his first martial arts tournament for his birthday and fell in love with martial arts, he trained in martial arts until he was 15. He won many tournaments and saved his village from bandits many times. As an award for all his courage, he was summoned to his village's temple where he spoke to the god of lighting zeus, he was soon granted supernatural abilities with a side effect of green hair. While this made his job to stop bandits easier, more bandits came to try to take his power, so to protect his village, he left and now travels the planet, protecting anyone in need, soon becoming Greenstar.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 8-C | Low 4-C

Name: Greenstar

New Icon

Age: 15

Height: 5:0

Weight: 111 pounds

Also Known As: Larry Windwood

Gender: Male

Origian: CFC/Cartoon Fight Club Community


1st appearance: Soon to be Greenstar vs Webshotspidey


Last appearance: Same


Anthuny Stallings


Josh Medley


Enemies: None

Species: Demigod

Quote: Don't back out now.

Origin: When Larry Windwood join CFC Community, He has start posting about his battle and he can do correction for any battle and he has some make spirte sheet, has make animation for test.

Personality: Laid back, Competitive, Caring, Serious (when he needs to be).

Appearance: Unknown

Which is Greenstar lot of better?: 62% Extremely Good.

Trivia: Unknown

Info: Greenstar can stomp Left

Greenstar's HP: 400

Immune: To any sorts of electricity.

Power And AbilitiesEdit

1. Electrokinesis

2. Weather Manipulation

3. Superhuman Strength

4. Teleportation

5. Regeneration

6. Electricity Immunity

7. Time Manipulation

8. Star Swift

9. Skilled Combatants

Greenstar's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Building Level | Small Star Level

Speed: Supersonic+

Lifting Strength: Class K

Striking Strength: Building Class | Small Star Class

Durability: Building Level | Small Star Level

Stamina: Rather High

Range: Ten of meters

Standard Equipment: Ice Staff

Intelligence: High




Likes to fight people at their best, doesn't fight well against more than one person at a time.


Greenstar is a very skilled martial artist with powerful electrokinesis.


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