Summary Edit

Homie Dophin is fictional character in ExplodingTNT, Probably He is not in near future video or something else ShadowRogueBoy maybe not be in ExplodingTNT, He see Homie Dophin and tell them what he should do.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 6-C

Name: Homie Dolphin

Age: 34

Homie Dolphin Minecraft Form

Height: around 8 feet (2.5m)

Weight: 440 Ibs

Gender: Male

Also Known As: Tasty Dolphin

Origin: ExplodingTNT

Classification: Animal

1st Appearance: Pink Sheep mentioned about Homie Dolphin in his property video, confirm that, Homie Dolphin appear in Pink Sheep's Video at first

Last Appearance: Probably Something in ExplodingTNT's Video, Making not sure if some of people want that....


Pink Sheep

Prankster Gangster Members


Bubble Dolphin

Species: Funnier Dolphin

Quote: unknown

Origin: "Homie Dolphin" , is a Dolphin and a high ranking person (or dolphin) in the Prankster Gangster Nation. Pink Sheep always gets advice from Homie Dolphin. He was also dared by Homie Dolphin to eat Big Macs. Homie Dolphin is smarter than Pink Sheep in some ways, as he can count over 43 and read. He also tried teaching Pink Sheep how to say 44, but Pink Sheep didn't understand.

Personality: Homie Dolphin is a Prankster Gangster Member in the world of peaceful, and He was in TNT Town safe from here, Monsters in Night is dangerous.

Appearance: Homie Dolphin had a mustache, who was very cool at city who people love him as PGN Member.

Trivia: Homie Dolphin is based of Dolphin.

Info: Homie Dolphin has Prankster Gangster Power and He has many skill and power perfer in the battle.

Which is Homie Dolphin lot of better?: 68% Lot of Swag!

Power and AbilitiesEdit

1. Splashed Shot

2. Superhuman Strength

Homie Dolphin

3. Adaption

4. Water Manipulation

5. Swimming Skill

6. Danmaku

7. Bootleg

8. Breathing (Can swim down to Water Ground)

9. Smashed Down

Homie Dolphin's HP: 5000

Immune: to die from air when fish take down.

Homie Dolphin's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Island level (Can created mid-island in the coastal) | (Far stronger before and briefly PGN.)

Speed: FTL

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Island Class

Durability: Island level | Homie Dolphin can together with PGN and go defeated HN in the war, save the world and has enough durable to create islands.

Stamina: Extremely high | Likey Godlike, but drains quickly.

Range: Extended human melee range normally, thousands of kilometers with His Speed via powerscaling | Unknown, but higher | At least several kilometers with water ability.

Standard Equipment: Water Ability.

Intelligence: Likely Highly | Skilled combatant and with his powers.


- Can Save People From Underwater Town

- Can Together with PGN to defeated HN.

- Can Survived From Sky When Homie Dolphin can breathe.

- Can Basically lifting in strongest.

Weakness Edit

Touching Anything bigger than them (that tries to attack them) makes him shrink by a slight amount.

Overall Edit

Homie Dolphin is a Prankster Gangster Captain, Who can help PGN Members to defeated Hater Nation, He had cool skills and known power are perfer for battle.


Notable Victories:

Ethan The Green Jester

Overly-Achieving Octopus

Notable Losses:

Nobody can beat him.

Inconclusive Matches:

Bubble Dolphin

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