Ice Crystal is from Crazy is Crazy. She's peaceful, smart, and has powers, she's good person and nice to them because she's a Blue Universe Character.

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-B to 8-C

Name: Ice Crystal

Age: 18

Height: Same as Muffet


Weight: Same as Muffet

Also Known As: Unknown

Gender: Female

Origian: Crazy is Crazy

Classification: Monster, Spider, Skeleton

1st appearance: In Blue Universe Episode

Last appearance: Unknown


Blue Universe Mark


Cecilia Crystal

Species: Peaceful Skeleton Spider

Quote: Unknown

Origin: (We need to reason here.)

Personality: Unknown

Appearance: Ice Crystal has blue hair, has blue bows in her hair, and has one blue bow in her body too. Ice Crystal has..... errrr... idk

Which is Ice Crystal lot of better?: 40% Wow...


Trivia: Unknown

Info: Ice Crystal can beat Left.

Ice Crystal's HP: 300

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities

1. Bone Maniputlation

2. Soul Maniputlation

3. 4th Wall Breaking

4. Peaceful Skill

5. Numerous Bone

6. Telekinesis

7. Web Creation

8. Spider Manipulation

9. Smart Intelligence

Ice Crystal's Stats

Attack Potency: Wall level to Building level (Fought Cecilia who's at Wall to Building.)

Speed: Peak Human (She's really similar to a human in terms of speed.) l Subsonic (Due to bone manipulation she can make a bone that can make her fly and make her fast.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class to Building Class

Durability: Wall Level to Building Level (Same with that.)

Stamina: Presumably quite high

Range: At the very least dozen of meters

Standard Equipment: Bones, Bones hands

Intelligence: Average


- Fought Cecilia who's at Wall to Building.

- She's really similar to a human in terms of speed.

- Due to bone manipulation she can make a bone that can make her fly and make her fast.


Intolerance to caffeine; quite weak in high temperature.


She's just same as Cecilia but just good and blue.


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