Dalton Joyce and Emi Kuc, also known as Jaltoid, are a couple who animate flash cartoons. These cartoons often feature fictional characters in odd adventures and settings, including gaming, social media, fandoms, and at times, references to channels they're associated with. Currently, they have over 65 million views on the channel.

Jaltoid was created by Dalton originally; however, the channel has become known for the efforts put forth by him and Emi. The channel was originally intended to be just for Dalton's use. The username Jaltoid evolved from his name. The two decided to work on the channel together since they were both unemployed. The live action videos were inspired by watching a lot of the Tom Green Show, and Nathan Barnett on YouTube.

The two realized that they could do better with animated shorts. Dalton had been animating a lot in flash growing up, and Emi had been drawing a lot growing up. They tested their collaborative skills with a 7 second video, wishing their friend Clark a happy birthday. The two strengths had been put to the real test when they experimented with "Ded Oreo HD." This project was intended to be worked on in 2011. It was originally for a series set to be released on Newgrounds in 2011, but that series was abandoned.

Since "Ded Oreo HD" the duo has been creating animated shorts for YouTube, promising weekly submissions.

Dalton is native to Newgrounds. He contributed to his account for 5 years, he decided to move to deviantArt in 2011. Then left deviantArt in 2012. 

Emi is native to deviantArt. She had contributed to her accounts for 6 years before leaving.

The reason they left deviantArt was a result of a disagreement with the staff. The two drifted for a few months before finding their way to YouTube.

Power Of The VerseEdit

Jaltoid is a fairly powerful verse. Characters only such as Dalton and Emi are casually Wall level. And even some of the slowest ones the entire series are over Mach 4500. Along with some characters are only avenge level.

The series also has really impressive raw strength. With people can work hard to make animation. And the Animator can hard work to increase low strength.

On top of that there are a decent amount of hax and special abilities such as Toon Force, Animator Skill, Animation Manipulation, Slow Talking, and Probability Manipulation. Only Bad Guys has more skills and power and only peak at Building Level.

Best AnimatorsEdit



Dangerous Character/Bad GuyEdit


Jaltoid's Non-Player CharactersEdit

(You have to find out.)

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