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Mark Roosien is the creator of Crazy Is Crazy meets Corporal Shephard, Phantom Mangle And Phantom Foxy, Spider World and Red Universe, and is currently working on the Red Universe series and Blue Universe Series, also he has make all of popular characters in CIC Verse.

Power and Stats Edit

Tier: 7-B

-Youtuber- Mark Roosien

Name: Mark Roosien

Age: Not Tell about it...

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Male

Origian: Crazy is Crazy

Classification: Animator, Artist

1st appearance: Created new popular verse.

Last appearance: Unknown






Species: Crazy Animator

Quote: Unknown

Origin: Mark Roosien is a creator of Crazy is Crazy Series, He had make all popular characters in his own video, also Mark has created his own animation, just art animation and make people fun, laugh, and enjoy.

Personality: Unknown

Appearance: Mark commonly wears a black shirt, light blue pants, a belt with a yellow buckle and black shoes, he has dark skin and his eyes color is brown, he has black hair.

Which is Mark lot of better?: 60% Wow...


-Spider World Episode 1 is Normal World Mark's final appearance in all of Mark's series(if the non-Canon videos count as appearances).

Info: Mark has nothing to created his OC but guess find clue?

Mark's HP: 310

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities Edit

1. Animation Manipulation

2. Animator Skilled

3. Art Manipulation

4. Artist Skilled

5. Summon Spider Web

6. Plot Manipulation

7. Crazy Trouble

8. Red/Blue Universe Theme Song

9. Slow Talking

Mark's Stats Edit

Attack Potency: Wall Level

Speed: Regular Human

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall Level

Stamina: Very Low to High

Range: Extranded melee range

Standard Equipment: His Penical

Intelligence: LIkely Smart

Feats Edit

- Has created animation with art skill.

- Has saved on the world.

Weakness Edit

Who are you talking about my weakness?

Overall Edit

Mark Roosien is good artist and animator, he's famous popular character in the world, he is good fighter at battle.

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