Matt is second of the main protagonists of Eddsworld, alongside Edd, Tom, and Tord. His most notable characteristic is the massive gap between his ego and his intelligence. He is rarely ever seen using words with more than three syllables, and when he was once given the opportunity to use a time travel device to save Edd, he instead used it to travel back and rewrite history so that notable monuments like the Easter Island heads, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, etc., were all altered to feature him.  

Power and Stats

Tier: 9-Bhigher with weapons

Name: Matt

Age: Likely in his mid 20s

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Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Male

Origian: Eddsworld

Classification: Human

1st appearance: Stick Figure

Last appearance: The End




Enemies: Unknown

Species: Human with purple jacket

Quote: Unknown

Origin: His prototype debuted in a flash called "Edd", he later appeared in the main series Eddsworld, but did not have a major role until "Zombeh Attack I". Matt was originally just a major supporting character until the episode "Zombeh Nation", where he had his first major role outside the Zombeh Attack Series and "Eddsworld Halloween Short". As a main character, Matt appeared in almost every episode after "Zombeh Nation" aside the "Tom's Tales" series.

Personality: Matt is shown to be unintelligent throughout the show. He tends to use words that create the impression that he is smart, but he probably does not know what they really mean. He is also incredibly narcissistic, caring only about his looks. He does however seem to have a few kind intentions, and in Hide and Seek saved the food in the fridge. However, he most likely did this to gain praise for his own selfish desires. As seen in the game "Quest for Bacon" he may really like bacon. In "Fan Service", it shows Matt being "fatally allergic to dogs", even to the point of killing him. This was likely a joke, however, because in the credits it states Matt "isn't really allergic to dogs"Though it has not been confirmed, his favorite drink seems to be milk, as he showed discomfort of throwing away his milk in "Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble)", and was also seen drinking it in "Fun Dead". Despite being mainly viewed as unintelligent, in all 3 Zanta claws movies he is shown to have slightly higher intelligence, notably in the second and towards the end of number 3.

He appears to be slightly nicer but more dimwitted in the newer episodes. In "The End (Part 2)" he uses the control panel to make Tord's mech punch it self for 3 reasons; 1. Destroying his house 2. "Killing" his friend 3. When Tord punched him in the face

Appearance: Matt is commonly recognized by his ginger hair, his square chin, and the fact that he always admires himself. He used to wear either a black t-shirt, or a black hoodie, depending on the episode, as well as a green overcoat. He also wears blue jeans and black shoes. Matt has blue/green eyes. In "Zanta Claws", Matt received his purple hoodie as a Christmas gift from Santa, to this day, he wears his purple hoodie and green overcoat as his signature apparel. As shown in the new Eddsworld theme, Matt wears a black "I ♥ M@" shirt.

As revealed in the Eddsworld Comics, Matt was not born with a square chin, but was dropped as a baby, which also explains his intelligence, and likely would have had a pointy chin like his parents. It's also revealed in the comics that Matt has freckles. In tthe episode "Fun Dead" Matt is shown to have blue eyes, but in the comics Matt's eyes are bluish-green.

Which is Matt lot of better?: 62% Something what?


  • Matt seems to be a kleptomaniac; he keeps the stuff he grabs, including "The All New Matt Doll" having it since 2004. The doll appears again in "Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble)", 7 years later, and again in "The End (Part 1)"
    • The YouTube description for Hammer and Fail states, "Matt and his kleptomaniac ways..."
  • Edd once called, what is supposed to be Matt, a ginger. But after he heard the comment, Matt called himself a "strawberry blonde".
  • In the 2007 Eddsworld Halloween Special, Matt is the only one not to be killed by the Axe Wielding Maniac. He is killed after falling down the stairs and having a heart attack from looking at Edd, Tom and Tord as ghosts.
  • He is the only character in Eddsworld who did not have a voice replacement, and has been voiced by the same voice actor since his debut.
  • Due to Edd Gould's death, Matt is the only character in Eddsworld to be voiced by the same person as of 2012. However, in the "Eddsworld Biomovies Competition" video Matt's voice was provided by Tom Ridgewell.
  • Matt's first canon appearance would be in "Eddsworld Christmas Special 2005", when Edd's Guardian Angel shows Edd what the world would be like if he (Edd) never existed. By this time, Matt was not an official Eddsworld character, so Edd did not know him. Edd's Guardian Angel told Edd that he never introduced Matt to Flash, so he wandered off and became a tramp on the streets of London, begging for money.
  • Matt is apparently allergic to explosions, revealed in "Space Face (Part 2)". This was confirmed at the end of the episode when he yelled "My allergies!" after the ship he was in explodes.
    • Matt is allergic to explosions, dogs, and seafood. The real Matt is not allergic to any of said allergies.
  • Matt is the creator of "pretty much everything in existence", a title he gained at the end of WTFuture.
  • He seems to be a little smarter in later episodes, since he is capable of using words with more than two syllables, such as "grassiness".
  • According to Matt Sucks, he has 12 restraining orders.
  • Matt still wears his black t-shirt under his hoodie; this is much more evident in eddisodes animated by Paul ter Voorde.
  • According to "Fun Dead", Matt has dark blue eyes.
  • Matt is the second oldest, being twenty-six
  • According to "Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble)", he hates ice cream, but in Fun Dead and "The End (Part 2)" he seems to enjoy it.
  • Matt is responsible for the death of Tom's father, as he gave a shotgun to a bear who shot Tom's father. This may explain why Tom hates and is rather cold to Matt.
  • Matt collects novelty toys, as seen in Fun Dead, but it is still unknown if he only collects monkeys like Little Tom.
  • According to Comic 197, Matt got his square chin by being dropped as a baby moments after he was born.
  • According to the credits of one episode, Matt is not really allergic to dogs, and that he wishes that he was one.
    • Though this might refer to the real-life Matt Hargreaves.
  • Matt is of royal descent, as seen in "Saloonatics".
  • According to "The End (Part 1)", Matt forgot about Tord's existence minutes before he left due to a "Memory Eraser Gun", also causing him to forget his own memories. This may explain why he seems less intelligent in more recent Eddisodes.
  • Matt is the only one of the four main characters who has always had the same voice actor. Tom has had two (and will likely get a third if the series continues) Tord has four, and Edd has had two.
  • Matt is the only member of the four characters who's real-life counterpart still works on the show.

Info: Matt is second of protagonist in Eddsworld, He can getting his weapons and helped his friends to enter the battle.

Matt's HP: 400

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities

1. Super Strength

2. Weapon Mastery

3. Hammerspace

4. Breaking 4th Wall

5. Perception

6. Adventurer Skilled

7. Zombie Hunter Skilled

8. Powerful Punch

9. Combo Master

Matt's Stats

Attack Potency: Wall level (Comparable to Edd and Tom. Can fight off hordes of zombies, of which even the lesser animal ones were capable of devouring humans whole) higher with weapons

Speed: Supersonic+ with possibly FTL reactions (Comparable to Edd)

Lifting Strength:  Class 100 (Comparable to Edd, who lifted a tank with no effort)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Building level (Comparable to Edd and Tom, survived a beatdown from an evil spirit that claimed to be capable of levelling mountains)

Stamina: Should be somewhat high, can keep pace with zombies for extensive periods of time

Range: Melee, Melee extended

Standard Equipment: Various common street weapons like pistols, spiked clubs, baseball bats, etc., a toy clapping monkey that explodes

Intelligence: Usually depicted as very low, rarely seen using words with more than three syllables, stated in the theme song to have the intelligence of the kitchen shelf


- Comparable to Edd and Tom. Can fight off hordes of zombies, of which even the lesser animal ones were capable of devouring humans whole.

- Comparable to Edd.

- Comparable to Edd, who lifted a tank with no effort.

- Comparable to Edd and Tom, survived a beatdown from an evil spirit that claimed to be capable of levelling mountains.

- Can keep pace with zombies for extensive periods of time.

- Rarely seen using words with more than three syllables, stated in the theme song to have the intelligence of the kitchen shelf.


Egotistical and unintelligent to the extent that he seems to prioritize the condition of his face over the lives of his friends.


Matt is second progestiest in Eddsworld, He helped them to surivied from defeated monsters.


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