Pamela is a onara fighter from Eight Marbles and Eight Marbles 2X.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 9-A

Name: Pamela

Age: 16

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Also Known As: Unknown

Gender: Female

Origian: Eight Marbles 2X

Classification: Being Farting

1st appearance: Unknown

Last appearance: Unknown
Pamela fail 1

Friend: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Species: Onara

Quote: Unknown

Origin: She is the country's king's paladin. (Due to this her and Elsa may know each other. The country's martial arts have been passed down to her, however for some reason she couldn't be more embarrassed of it and actually is in a state of wanting to quit practicing.

Personality: Pamela seems to be a shy and polite person but seems to take fighting seriously. She looks to be too nervous to fart to her greatest potential and is very apologetic.

Appearance: She's a schoolgirl.

Which is Pamela lot of better?: 45% Amazing


  • According to her 2D Fighter Maker data, Pamela is 16 years old.
  • She is the only character with pink coloured farts.
  • The reason she may be afraid to fart as hard as she can, and also the reason why she sometimes hurts herself within attacks may stem back to her story ending, where if its translated, hints that she has hemorrhoids.
  • Her health is set at 300, 30 more then the lowest on a character, 270. and 50 less then the highest, 350.

Info: She's only character with pink farts.

Pamela's HP: 300

Immune: Unknowm

Power And Abilities Edit

1. Holy Shot

2. Holy Flame

3. Holy Burst

4. Holy Dive

5. Holy Blake

6. Mega Holy Blake

7. Holy Flare

8. Pink Farts

9. Biased Intelligence

Pamela's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Small Building Level

Speed: Regular Human

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Building Level

Durability: Small Building Level

Stamina: Likey Low

Range: Extranded melee range

Standard Equipment: Nothing

Intelligence: Unknown






Pamela is a shy guy and she's only character with pink farts, she can fart and defeated ememy.


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Yandere Chan

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