Pink Guy is the great person and even a useless nooby in ExplodingTNT.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: Low 7-C (With Minecraft Form) l 3-A (With Round Form, With commnets power)

Name: Pink Guy

Age: 16

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Also Known As: Pink Tutu Guy

Gender: Other

Origian: ExplodingTNT

Classification: A Hildarious Person

1st appearance: The Werid Commnet

Series - If Minecraft was INSANE

Last appearance: Unknown


ExplodingTNT (Something)

Pink Sheep



Cassie Rose



Ethan The Green Jester

Species: Dress Girl

Quote: Unknown

Origin: Pink Guy is a minor character in ExplodingTNT's videos. He and pink sheep go terrorizing ExplodingTNT to get him to make another Weird Comments video. He is part of the Prankster Gangster Nation. Pink Guy always seems to find a way to force ExplodingTNT into creating the next part to the Weird Comments videos. He commonly hangs out with the Pink Sheep.

Personality: Pink Guy is a weird and nooby individual. He possesses the power of flight, and is usually accompanied by Pink Sheep. He is a ballerina. He likes to force ExplodingTNT into making the next The Weird Comments Series, usually with help of Pink Sheep. He also has a brother, Scarf Guy.

Appearance: Pink Guy looks like a noob wearing a pink shirt, pink fingerless gloves, and a pink tutu. He has a less-typical nooby face,along with reddish hair and a pink headband. He lacks shoes.

Which is Pink Guy lot of better?: 32% Below Cool

Trivia: Unknown

Info: Pink Guy should forces people to telling ExplodingTNT would added SRB, Cassie Rose, TorqueDawg, and Homie Dolphin in his video.

Pink Guy's HP: 60

Immune: Everything

Power And AbilitiesEdit

1. Below in Commnet

2. Smash Anvil

3. Idea Plot (

4. Idea Creation

5. High Intelligence

6. Resistance to Everything

7. Pink Guy's Meme Theme

8. Super Durability

9. Forest Surivial

Pink Guy's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Small Town Level (With Minecraft Form, With no comments) l Universal+ (With Round Form, with commnets)

Speed: FTL

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Small Town Class (With Minecraft Form) l Universal+ (With Round Form, With his power commnets)

Durability: Small Town Level (With Minecraft Form) l Universal+ (With Round Form)

Stamina: Very High

Range: Standard melee range l High range with his werid ability.

Standard Equipment: Idea Plot, Commnets, and Anvil

Intelligence: Average l Extremely high (Always used his own idea)


- Has summon commnets.

- Has surivie gunshot.

- Has created timelines twice, actually created universal.

- Has destoryed shitty pictures.

- Has become immune to Everything cause he's a funny person.


He doesn´t has any combat training and is not particularly strong. | Doesn´t have any combat experience and depends on Werid Commnet Series with ExplodingTNT.


Pink Guy's Abilities are so powerful to debate ememies, He has idea to ruined everything, even one in ExplodingTNT's Video.


Notable Victories:

Ethan The Green Jester

Notable Losses:

Nobody can beat him.

Inconclusive Matches:

MLG Purple Guy

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