Pink Sheep is a fictional character in ExplodingTNT, He has his prankster gangster nation and he has MLG power, see what he do have.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 2-A

Name: Pink Sheep
Pink Sheep


Age: unknown (Likey a mid old, 246 Year Old)

Height: Average

Weight: Same As Herobrine's Mom

Also Known As: PinkSheep

Gender: Attack Helicopter (Reffered as a male)

Origian: ExplodingTNT

Classification: Prankster Gangster Leader

Real Name: Zephplayz
Pink Sheep Prankster Gangster

1st appearance: If Herobrine took a Shower

Last appearance: Never


ExplodingTNT (Something)

Homie Dophlin

Pink Guy

Purple Shep

Pink Sheep Minecraft Form

Cassie Rose




Herobrine's Mom


Species: Dank Sheep

Quote: ¨Yo what's up, my Prankster Gangsters?¨

Origin: Pink Sheep is a fictional character created by ExplodingTNT who exists in the videogame Minecraft. He is arguably ExplodingTNT's most popular character, and after appearing in many of TNT's videos has launched a channel of his own He is a sheep with pink-colored wool and a black mustache. His lot-in-life is to keep his "magnificently well-trimmed mustache" manicured. He sometimes wears sunglasses, particularly when he is being swag. He seems to be able to fly, break any block instantly (including bedrock) and kill anyone in one hit with his bare hands (he credits this to his mustache). He speaks in a robotic voice (known as Paul Voice), which is different from other ExplodingTNT characters, who mainly speak in text bubbles.

Personality: As the name implies, he is a stereotypical pink sheep who speaks in a Paul voice. Although he is a sheep, The Pink Sheep has a personality unique from other members of his species. In Modern ExplodingTNT videos, Pink Sheep is a stereotypical "MLG Sheep", being sassy, arrogant, and not caring about anyone but himself. As such, he refers to himself as a "Prankster Gangster", despite not being a prankster nor a gangster. In Pre-2014 videos, however, Pink Sheep is a brain-dead, perverted figure, showing lust for almost every player he comes across, most notably Herobrine. Because of this, many other characters become uncomfortable around him, oftentimes leading them to kill themselves.

Appearance: As a sheep, Pink Sheep has every stereotypical feature of a sheep, from its thick wool (which is cotton candy) to his hooves. In addition, however, his wool is colored pink, hence its name, and sometimes dons a mustache with "deal with it" shades in reflection of his MLG personality.

Official Description: A strange sheep, often seen hanging around with Pink Guy No one really knows where he comes from, however he seems to be able to defy Minecraft’s logic.

Pink Sheep's Subscribe: 1,161,160

Pink Sheep's Views: 110,212,233
Pink Sheep Scary Minecraft Form

Pink Sheep Join YouTube: Mar 22, 2016

Which is Pink Sheep lot of better?: Better Than Pewdiepie.

Twitter: @PinkSheepx

Style: Gaming/Comedy

Schedule: Every other day

Status: Active
Pink Sheep in Jaltoid

Should do If Pink Sheep went to Jaltoid.

Videos: 120+

Trivia: All Of Actors From ExplodingTNT and had a voice actor, Since They can be find Pink Sheep's Voice: Like to Stupid Paul speak.

Info: Pink Sheep can went to Jaltoid.

Pink Sheep's HP: 6000

Immune: Poisonous

Power And AbilitiesEdit

1. Matter Manipulation

2. Regeneration

3. Dank Skill

4. Combatant Instances

5. MLG Noscope (Can Shot Haters)

6. Hold The Line (Likey Prankster Gangster Ability, He which can't attack people who these have to do.)

7. Superhuman Strength

8. Superhuman Durability

9. Break The Fourth Wall Awaress

Pink Sheep's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Multiverse+ Level l Can destroyed hack errors with his PG power.

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Pink Sheep can run around the world in two hours which means he can fly at speeds of 12,450.5 miles an hour.)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Multiverse Class | likely higher and strongest dank skill.

Durability: Multiverse+ Level (Has enough more durable, likely higher to destroyed hack errors, up-close and personal and shrugged them off.) | likely higher and immortal.

Stamina: Superhuman | Seems to be able to fight for hours without tiring, can take large amounts of punishment.

Range: Serveal Kilometers (shot two walls from a distant place in base form.)

Standard Equipment: MLG Noscope, Rekt Them, and has doritos & mountain dew.

Intelligence: Extremely high (Although not as intelligent as good and more increased smart, Homie Dolphin was target Pink Sheep to learn how to his behavior.)

His Prankster Gangster Heart Had:

- Defeated Reailty Wrapers.

- Can destory hack error.

- Defeated Commneters and Haters with Pink Sheep's Friends and Prankster Gangster Nation in the battle.


- Can Break Any Block with his creative mode.

- Survived From They kill Pink Sheep and He come back as respawn.

- Can Defeated Hacker.

- Pink Sheep can also surivived a plane crash with his gliding.

Pink Sheep's durability is unreasonably strong before he got exploded in his video about "Worst Idea Ever I've ever had (1000 TNT VS Pink Sheep)"


Mental Weakness: Making Sure Pink Sheep is afraid of Shampoo.

Physical Weakness: None Notable l He has do hurt by Corrupted Spell (Corrupeted is dangerous error can damage him.)


Pink Sheep is Utlramite Prankster Gangster Leader, and Can't die in the universe, He can had Prankster Gangster Nation to defeated Hater Nation.


Notable Victories:


Ethan The Green Jester

Notable Losses:

Nobody can beat him.

Inconclusive Matches:


Haters Nation


Herobrine's Mom (Help SRB go defeated her!)

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