Red Universe BinaBine is one of the robot of the Red Universe who's trying to kill Hailey and the red universe counterpart of BinaBine.

Power and Stats

Tier: At least 9-C

Red Universe BinaBine

Name: Red Universe/RU BinaBine

Age: 32

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Left Ambiguous

Origian: Crazy is Crazy

Classification: Animatronic

1st appearance: Unknown

Last appearance: Unknown

Friend: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Species: Fox Girl Animatronic

Quote: Unknown

Origin: RU BinaBine is a CIC Character, she´s in Red Universe since she trying to kill Hailey.

Personality: Unknown

Appearance: She is a Tan/brown colored Fox and Wolf hybrid, her lower left arm, chest, right arm, both entire legs and hands are missing, exposing her endoskeleton, she has a brown snout and brown hair, she has light brown ears, pink round checks, pointy teeth, a nero colored bowtie and skirt, a tan colored tail with brown outlines, and nero on her entire toes.

Which is BinaBine lot of better?: 45% Great...


▪It is unknown what color of the pants the ghost of the little girl that's possessing BinaBine is wearing (possibly a black skirt or pants.)

Info: BinaBine could just jumpscare people.

RU BinaBine's HP: 140

Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities

  1. Peak Human

2. Jumpscare

3. Possesion

4. Sneaking

5. Expert Stealth

6. Healing

7. Powerful Bite



RU BinaBine's Stats

Attack Potency: At least Street level (Should be comparable to animatronic like Mangle.)

Speed: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Likely at least Peak Human (Should be comparable to Mangle.)

Striking Strength: at least Street Class

Durability: at least Street Level

Stamina: Limitless, due to being a robot.

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown


- Killed Few Kids.

- Should scale to Mangle.

- Can surivied gunshot from Few Polices.


RU BinaBine can be easily tampered with and reprogrammed.


Red Universe BinaBine is a great stealth animationic, She has power when she surivied gunshot from Few Polices and escaping.


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