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Rhg characters by isaacx1977-d73p2h8

Rock Hard Gladiators (commonly known as RHG) is a feature where stick figure animators create their own gladiator with special abilities and powers and challenge other animators.

The RHG system was created in late 2005. It was designed to give a strong community project event for animators to use. Since then, animators such as Terkoiz and Armorstick have been participating in the system. When Terkoiz joined the RHG and created his gladiator, "FLLFFL", he went on as an undefeated gladiator, and conquered all of his opponents. At least for a while until Chuck and Synthe came along. And lastly, Sean said that the RHG was also about "Having fun while improving yourself as well as others as an animator in a collaborative event.

Currently, the entire RHG system has gotten over 300 gladiators created by many animators. However, some were unavailable gladiators, meaning that they cannot be challenged. However, most RHG gladiators are available.

In order to create an RHG Gladiator, the animator must:

  • Be a member of Fluidanims (Now Stickpage.)
  • Must be a creative animator

In order to make an RHG Gladiator valid, the gladiator must contain:

  • The gladiator's name
  • The gladiator's abilities
  • The gladiator's biography
  • A picture of the gladiator

Power Of The Verse Edit

RHG is an extremely powerful verse, likely as powerful as the DC Universe. It has many very powerful abilities, such as combo master, 4th wall breaking, extreme fighting skills and much more. It has a lot of very powerful characters, similar to DC Universe. They have extremely good fighting experience, fast combos and high intelligence.

Popular Characters Edit










Unavailable Gladiators Edit


Characters Edit




(You have to find out the others)

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