SMG4 is a best youtuber he is a funniest popular person who got more views and he did make a videos all.

Power and Stats Edit

Tier: 3-B l High 3-A to 2-B l Likely Higher

Name: SMG4
SMG4 the Newer

Age: 17

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Also Known As: SuperMarioGlitchly4

Real Name: Luke Lerdwichagul
Super Mario Glitchy Four
Gender: Male

Origian: SMG4

Classification: Mario Memer

1st appearance: Account Loss

Last appearance: Never





Grand Dad

Account Hacker

Species: The Werid Mario


"WHAT IS UP! My Channel is what you get when you cross Nintendo and stupid ass meme."
Origin: SuperMarioGlitchly4 (SMG4 for short, and also known as Glitchly in Mario in Real Life?) (Born in May 24, 1999) is predominantly a Super Mario 64machinimist. He also uses material from Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, Pirate101, and other media he know help. SMG4 devotes a lot of his time to making These videos, usually uploading a new video every weekend, and sometimes accept works such as fanart from his channel's viewers and subscribers. SMG4 heavily practice self-insertion, in that an SMG4-styled avatar of him is one of the main protagonists (Besides Mario Himself) of the bloopers. From his debut, SMG4 Characters has been passionate and protective of his work; that aside, he seems to play the same man who is often annoyed or shocked by Mario's Crazy, flamboyant idiocy.
SMG4 Verse
Personality: Unknown

Appearance: SMG4 is a nice person or something, he has mario suit, wear blue hat and blue shirt, wear white apron, and wear brown shoes.

Which is SMG4 lot of better?: 32% Good.

Trivia: Unknown, if you find out.

Info: His moveset consists of spaghetti, pingas, waluigi launchers, his retarded power level, memes, and even uses fist to fist combat. His waluigi launcher is strong enough to blow up entire buldings and enemies. His spaghetti is so powerful mario could smell it from a mile and is powerful enough to smash anyone's skull. When Mario is around he could use his help for solving alot of conflicts, which makes them a good team.

SMG4's HP: 2250
Luigi Dolls
Immune: Unknown

Power And Abilities Edit

1. Glitching

2. Meme Spamming

3. Breaking 4th Wall

4. Waluigi Launcher

5. Raving

6. Super Strength

7. Super Speed

8. Face Swapping

9. Werid Creation

SMG4's Stats Edit

Attack Potency: Multi-Galaxy+ Level (Can be stronger) l High Universe Level (Could created universe) to Multiverse Level

Speed: Massively FTL+
Werid Show
Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Multi-Galaxy+ Class l High Universe Class to Multiverse Class

Durability: Multi-Galaxy+ Level l High Universe Level to Multiverse Level (Can created universe)

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Multi Galaxies | Universal to Multiversal

Standard Equipment: Varies

Intelligence: Mostly likely smart

Feats Edit

Not only does he have animator hax but he's comparable to a fiction escaping Mario that can effect the contents of the outside world.


His weaknesses consist of getting scared enough, losing focus, getting confused, and even getting scared of memes. If SMG4 gets scared enough, the chances are that he will lose focus and get unaware of his surroundings, which will get him in some big trouble.


SMG4 is A Super Mario 64 machinimist with alot of resources when it comes to combat. But if he gets scared enough of his opponents, he could lose focus and get unaware of his surroundings.

Others Edit

Notable Victories:

Grand Dad

SML Mario

Notable Losses:

Nobody can beat him...

Inconclusive Matches:


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