SMG4 Verse

SMG4 Verse is only for his hilarious Super Mario 64 Bloopers. These videos follow SMG4 and Mario as they venture through conflicts both personal and global. SMG4 himself is never afraid to call these mishaps retarded, because they often are… figuratively, I guess.

Power Of The VerseEdit

The characters are powerful, especially in terms of hax such as meme powers with the majority of Windows era characters in the high tier range and possessing speeds that exceed light itself, and werid characters exceeding that scale, especially Retarded Steve, a possibly has "They can't die" they has more power and skills (Just like Toon Force Characters and Touhou Characters) observable universe to a far greater degree than how humans has.






SMG4 Bob

Fishy Bookpiken

Old Man

Retarded Steve

Po The Teletubbie

Extremely unlikely for lore reasons. But it would have to be before the events of SMG4's Characters (some of you probably know why.)Edit

(You have to find out.)

Bad GuyEdit


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