Scribble Zone Verse


Scribble Zone is the first series where Hiro back up his item and more to going see where is his sister, something lose. Hiro is now explore to Scribble Town where he get new power.

Scribble Zone is a fictional series created by Toon Universtary. The series is about Hiro who goes around helping people, using his magic penical, in order to get Starites. The season series, Scribble Zone, reveals that Hiro has a family and he collects Starites so he can reverse the curse put on his sister Amadra. The season series 2, Scribble Zone Showdown: The Adventure of the paper.

Power Of The Verse Edit

Scribble Zone is really powerful. The main character, Hiro, can create meteors, planets, nukes, black holes, and even galaxies. In the questionably canon comic, Scribble Zone Season: A Crisis of Imagination, Maxwell recreates the New Galaxy Comics.




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