HoverBro4 is a popular character in ExplodingTNT, He's the great strongest and he has derpy mode, what else he does.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 7-C (With Minecraft Form l 4-A l 3-A l 2-A - (With Round Form)

Name: HoverBro4

Age: 16 (His Real Age)

ShadowRogueBoy New Version

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Male

Also Known As: ProHover

Origin: ExplodingTNT

Classification: Human, Yago Aura Leader

Real Name: Jeffrey Novak

Species: The Great Strongest

1st Appearance: Maybe HoverBro4 would appear in ExplodingTNT's Video but not now.

Last Appearance: Never





Pink Sheep

Purple Shep

Pink Guy

Cassie Rose




Homie Dolphin



Nugrain Nation



The Destoryer

Devil Chatty



1. "I don't fight with weaklings, they are a waste of time." (something)


3. "Really? I am Mature Person, you just ignore [insert name here], just saying."

4. "Ohhhhhhhhhh! My gosh! My friends are back!."

5. "Trying find the clue."

Origin: HoverBro4 is a popular character in ExplodingTNT, when ExplodingTNT check out Everyone wanna get "If a new character in your video" probably HoverBro4 wouldn't appear in ExplodingTNT's Video, maybe it's production or not. Now it's unknown and unconfirmed.

Appearance: HoverBro4 is very dumb, He wear Gray Shirt, wear metal shoulder, wear rogue mask in his face, has brown hair, wear dark gloves, wear spike shoes in his profile, and has brown patrol in his profile.

Personality: HoverBro4 is a good person that he's in TNT Town with ExplodingTNT.

Trivia: Unknown.

Info: HoverBro4 has created his own stories like TheFearRaiser did.

Which is HoverBro4 lot of better?: 62% Too extremely cool!

HoverBro4's HP: 20 (Normal Health) | If Drink OP Potion, then ShadowRogueBoy's HP: 48

Immune: Allergic to Matter

Power and AbilitiesEdit

1. Great Rapper

2. Downplay Manipulation

3. Derpy Mode

4. Breaking 4th Wall

5. Superhuman Endurance

6. Hand-To-Hand Skilled

7. Superhuman Strength

8. Hot Surivial

9. Crazy Inventory

HoverBro4's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Small Town Level (With Minecraft Form) l Multi-Solar System Level (Can destoryed solar system) l Universal+ Level (he messed up and nearly destroyed all of time twice and is stronger than ExplodingTNT who destroyed his own universe.) l Multiverse+ Level (Can created Multiverse) - (With Round Form)

Speed: Massively FTL+.

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Small Town Class (With Minecraft Form) l Multi-Solar System Class l Universal+ Class l Multiverse+ Class - (With Round Form)

Durability: Small Town Level (With Minecraft Form) l Multi-Solar System Level l Universal+ Level l Multiverse+ Level - (With Round Form)

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Standard melee range (With Minecraft Form) l Universal+ l Multiverse+ - (With Round Form)

Standard Equipment: Varies

Intelligence: Average l Extremely High (Despite him being naive and socially oblivious, in the graphic novel "Too Cool for High School", Failboat mentioned how ShadowRogueBoy's education in the care of the grammar was much greater than perfect, and ShadowRogueBoy was getting perfect marks on his tests.)


- Has Survive Content Drugs/Shroom.

- Has respawn when they beat him and will come back, So they can't win.

- Survived the war between PGN, THN, KN, and few.

- Has created Multiverse with his book.

- Has come back from being killed several billion monsters times after he ran out of lives.

- Can smack everyone in Arena Royale's ass under in 10 second.

- Has escaped fiction, which is at higher dimensional scaling.


If HoverBro4 get more drama of all crappy things, and he will likey to scary, he will be screwed.


HoverBro is the great strongest in ExplodingTNT, he has all things with alot of resources when it comes to the battle, but he has his own derpy mode, and he could smack everyone ass in a 10 second.


Notable Victories:


Notable Losses:

Nobody can beat him.

Inconclusive Matches:


Herobrine's Mom



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