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Sonic For Hire is a flash-animated chronological-episodic fictional crossover series created by Mike Parker (who also created "Cartoon Fails" and "Kung Fu Karl") and Michael William at LowBrow Studios, Inc. (the studio whose employees brought you "Cyanide and Happiness"). The series was distributed by (on its Happy Hour block). The series started airing on February 13, 2011, and concluded on December 22, 2013 with seven seasons and ninety-one episodes, with a total of thirteen episodes per season.


Power Of The Verse Edit

Sonic For Hire Verse is way dumber version of Team Sonic, They're Large Building Level at best, they're weaker, they is also believed to be dumber power level where the weak characters have been or resided there.

Characters Edit

SFH Sonic 

SFH Tails 

SFH Eggman 

SFH Kirby 

SFH Gulius Thunderhead 

SFH Earthworm Jim

SFH Soniqua