Summary Edit

All Animation was made by Sr Pelo since they help him to making video all about Mokey's Show, Underpants, and more, hopefully, Sr Pelo get more views, so he has all characters.

Sketch106212445 1 by viperpitsfilly-dahcxt4

Power Of The Verse Edit

This Verse was really funny and very powerful they get it since they did screaming so easily, so this verse is so powerful, has some random level.

Best Animator/Youtuber Edit

Sr Pelo

Waa Hoo Bro Character Edit

Waa Hoo

Mokey's Show Characters Edit

Mokey Mouse



Underpants Characters Edit

Underpants Frisk

Underpants Sans

Underpants Papyrus

Underpants Flowey

Underpants Asgore

Splatshort Edit

Splatshort Girl

Sr Pelo's own meme character Edit