SuperMarioLogan, sometimes shortened as SML, is the main YouTube account where Logan Thirtyacre, creator of the channel makes plush and puppet videos with his brother and friends; Lance ThirtyacreLovell StantonChris NethertonChilly Jimenez and Elaina Keyes. He has a lot of plush and puppet characters. He plays with toys, makes messes, and breaks stuff just for his fans and us. He and his friends enjoy making videos to upload on YouTube. One of his most popular series is Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. in history, Logan had joined YouTube on December 8, 2007 with his first video, Super Mario Got Milk and has made lots of videos since. Around 2010 to the present day, he and his friends had been adding brand new characters, such as Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee, etc.

Power Of The VerseEdit

Not too strong, but not too weak either. These charatcers are only barely Street Level, has few power and skills, These Characters is made to do something they wouldn't usually do, or be in a place that's impossible under the circumstances, they only have ability Doll Attack, and more. The characters are also used in intellectual match-offs.


  1. Bowser Junior
  2. Jeffy
  3. Mario
  4. Chef Pee Pee
  5. Rosalina
  6. Bowser
  7. Toad
  8. Black Yoshi
  9. Shrek
  • Woody
  1. Doofy the Dragon

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