Supercodplayer1995 is just awful youtuber that he still scream "I AM NUMBER #1 BETTER THAN PEWDIEPIE!!!!" Population in the world was not agree with him. That's not fun. So.... Supercodplayer1995 is confirmed villain. We want Supercodplayer1995's Channel to deleted when we get new power to raid these.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 8-C, 9-B, and 9-C

Name: Supercodplayer1995

The Real Villian...

Age: Unknown

Height: 14.4

Weight: 21.4

Also Known As: Super Cod Player

Gender: Male

Origian: Who Cares

Classification: The Evil Person

1st appearance: In Supercodplayer1995's Birthday

Last appearance: Give Supercodplayer1995 own Channel.

Friend: None

Enemies: Pink Sheep

Species: The Slaver


Origin: He plays indie games because Pewdiepie plays indie games because he's a hip-stur. The only difference between his videos and Pewdiepies videos are that his are actually good. He daydreams and makes videos in his spare times, he is not that good at math but that is a little flaw in comparison to his pros...

Personality: He thinks he could easily be a doctor without medical school and because Pewdiepie is so much worse than supercodplayer1995 he probably couldn't. He's the most ugly Youtuber in the world. Pewdiepie kills me in every way possible and makes even the most horrible things even more horrible just by making videos. Supercodplayer1995 is a Youtuber i can see myself watching within 20 years and still have fun with and discover new things. When i look into his eyes i get lost but i dont mind the least bit. His smile could stop Pewds right in his tracks and make him see the beauty in the world. His laugh makes the worst of days seem so much better. I can listen to him talk for hours and never get the least bit bored. The greatest times I've ever had in my life involve his vids and i just cant imagine life without him. In short he's my soulmate and he doesn't even know it. A kind-hearted, compassionate individual. He is usually very nice and helpful. Very loving and compassionate to his pillows. He's fun-loving and hard working, he is slightly crazy and very imaginative, too. Never provoke though, or face the anger. Not fun.

Appearance: Still Badness....

Which is Supercodplayer1995 lot of better?: Better Than Pewdiepie!

Trivia: He is an horrible youtuber with wits, sentimental, beauty and a temper and personally I think he is the best thing that has ever happened to this earth. A hero, a peaceful watcher, the beautiful and majestic horse running through a field of the finest silk flowers on a pleasantly warm sunset background. Supercodplayer1995 is WAY better than Pewdiepie. Like 42x.

413x 420x 666x 669x 1337x 90423309505x 049308594805943859048509x 58439857948978654432121234567564443321232450x

Supercodplayer1995 is much better than Pewdiepie with currently 73,239 subcribers, 28 videos, and 96,126 video views. He has at least 20 Subscribers with that number. He has subscribers that are quite fond of him including me, a random wiki writer.

Info: Supercodplayer1995 is just super ugliest.

Supercodplayer1995's HP: 340

Immune: Someone throw him with poop.

Power And AbilitiesEdit

1. Pewdiepie's Punch

2. Extremely Scream

3. Conceptual Manipulation

4. Number #1 Better Attack

5. Genius Intelligence

6. Summon Barrels (Place 4 to force them.)

7. Slow Talking

8. Superhuman Strength

9. Superhuman Durability

Supercodplayer1995's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Building Level

Speed: Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Street Level

Stamina: Presumably High.

Range: Extranded melee range

Standard Equipment: Supercodplayer1995's Blue Punch, Summon Barrels to hitting them.

Intelligence: High


No Feats


A Fly Swatter


Supercodplayer1995 is a evil villain in Jaltoid. He has a power and skills that he only believe he can beat some characters (It's Not)... He has lot of subscribers kind of greedy he want to gets rich, If People disagree and called him fodder.


Notable Victories Nothing

Notable Losses Everyone

Inconclusive Matches Pink Sheep

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