Hello, I am TCAAC


Commneter Cat is a joke character, JK

Power and Stats Edit

Tier: 8-C

Name: TCAAC The Top Commneter

Age: 14

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Also Known As: Commenter Cat

Gender: Male

Origin: BlueSheep's Verse

Real Name: IS that Cloud From PopularMMOs?

Classification: Commneter

1st Appearance: (You have to find out.)

Last Appearance: (You have to find out.)


Swag :v


The Commneter As a Pysduck


J Waughtal



Saumel The Boi

Prankster Gangster Nation

Ethan The Green MC Jester

PokemonFan's Alts

PokemonFan's Crew




Salimame Tourindou

Cecilia Crystal

Red Universe Mickey Mouse


Kah Jon


Species: Common Persian cat


1. "IN your ass."

2. "Oh Wow."

3. "Meow."

Story: A cat who learned to read and write, although Commneter Cat wasn't the first to do that, Commneter Cat have differences that stand out from the other cats. Commneter Cat was searching for a book in the library and Commneter Cat found something unique. A book about special abilities and it glows. So he read it and listened to it to every word in there. Commneter Cat gained powers (technically). After a few days the library got on fire and it was destroyed. There was an apple tree growing out of it, so he ate an apple and he got the abilities from the book and a second form to turn into a humanoid cat. He went to internet world so I can make some friends (and lots of enemies). He caused many flame wars when I'm in there. Commneter Cat became a Warlord on the internet raiding PGN, cringy roblox videos, and other shit. Commneter Cat was known as a crinimal in a few communities. This is what Commneter Cat was now.

Origin: TCAAC The Top Commneter is a BlueSheep's Veteran in BlueSheep's Community since he was first join in there, TCAAC has a super power that he would trigger everyone and hurt their when We have PGN, Shit Roblox Video, Disgusting Art, and more.

Personality: Commneter Cat is very most of good intelligent than other people in the world, unlike other fighters, Commneter Cat has better abilities and has more power.

Appearance: Commneter Cat wear fancy hat, has his light tan tail, and has his tan furry.

Which is Commneter Cat lot of better?: 80% Wow.

Trivia: Unknown

Info: Commneter Cat can go raiding PGN.

Immune: Unknown

Commneter Cat's HP: 200

Power And Abilities Edit

1. Trigger (Make the opponent triggered.)

2. Fear (lowers the opponent's stats.)

3. Dewank (removes all the wank from the opponent.)

4. Steal (steals the opponent's weapon)

5. Raided (Can attacked everything)

6. Summon Raiders

7. Can't Bitch (Can speak "can't bitch" to them.)

8. Smart Intelligence (Has his own brain)

9. Commenter Skill (Work very hard!)

Commneter Cat's Stats Edit

Attack Poetery: Building Level

Speed: Subsonic+

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Building Class

Durability: Building Level

Stamina: Preasmlby High

Range: Dozen of meters

Standard Equipment: HIS Mouth, other person's weapon, his abilities, and a pocket weapon.

Intelligence: Likey Smart | Likey Higher.

Weaknesses Edit

They can really stop him.

Feats Edit

- Defeated Overly Achieving Octopus.

- Destroyed a giant Ethan's Team.

- Make Pink Guy to suck KhalilThePenguin's Dick.

- Mostly retards hate TCAAC.

Overall Edit

Commenter Cat is a smart cat and was first person who want to go raid PGN.... PGN has many over 9000 army and trying to defeated Hater Nation. Commneter Cat can trigger everyone who was incorrect about PGN is strongest. Well so, Commneter Cat has many skills to takes us.

Other Edit

Notable Victories:

Overly-Achieving Octopus

Notable Losses:


Inconclusive Matches:


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