A professional YouTuber, Ridgewell earns money from revenue from his videos on the website. He also has made short films for BBCand Comedy Central. He has been discussed and interviewed in relation to this, especially when the medium of online video was in its infancy. He has also appeared as a guest on the BBC's The One Show, and has appeared as a radio and TV guest internationally.
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In 2008, Ridgewell released the first installment of asdfmovie, an animated sketch comedy series featuring very short clips of minimally-detailed characters in surreal and occasionally darkly humorous situations. There have been ten episodes as of April 2017, as well as two "deleted scene" videos, a promotional video with Marmite, and three music videos; "I Like Trains", "Mine Turtle", and "Everybody Do The Flop".[11] The song "Beep Beep I'm a Sheep" by Canadian musician Todd "LilDeuceDeuce" Bryanton with vocals by Ridgewell and Gabriel "BlackGryph0n" Brown, released alongside asdfmovie10, is featured in the Just Dance 2018 video game released in October 2017.

In 2012, he took charge of the production of Eddsworld after the show's original creator and his friend, Edd Gould, died of leukemia. He left the series in 2016, handing the show over to Edd's family. In 2013, Ridgewell was featured in YouTube's first "Comedy Week". He was featured on the cover of Wired UK in February 2013 as part of a feature titled "How YouTube Reinvented the Entertainment Business"[15] and was selected by YouTube as a guest host for its Geek Week series in August. The BBC announced that Ridgewell will be appearing as a guest presenter on the Dan and Phil show from September 2014 on BBC Radio 1.

In January 2015, Ridgewell launched a new webtoon, Crash Zoom, on his TomSka channel. It is animated by Ben "Wonchop" Smallman, who also animated some of the asdfmovieepisodes. It features three young characters Lucy, Ben, and Kate, in their various surreal exploits.

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