TorqueDawg is from Minecraft Story Mode, since he first die in spooky mansion by disapper used posion arrow to shot him, then will come in ExplodingTNT, what would he do with his team of ExplodingTNT, show how he have a power should what i do.

Power and StatsEdit

Tier: 4-C to be Superhuman.

Name: TorqueDawg
17 - 10

Age: 25

Height: 14.8

Weight: 24.0

Also Known As: Brave Man

Gender: Male

Origian: ExplodingTNT

Classification: Man with Blitzing Punch

1st appearance: A Portal To Mystery

Last appearance: May Something in ExplodingTNT's Future Video OR Not appear in something.....





Pink Sheep

Homie Dolphin


Cassie Rose



White Pumpkin

Hospile Mobs

Prisoners From Desert

Scott Pilgrim

Species: The Brave Man


1. "The minute all of them weird zombies are gone! Guys, outta here!"

2. "What, you have, like 12 fans."

Origin: TorqueDawg is another one of ExplodingTNT's Upcoming Character. Someone want to have own idea for ExplodingTNT's Video. once probably something in the future, it has not appear in his video.....

Appearance: TorqueDawg is a muscularly built man who wears a sleeveless cyan shirt with black pants and red-gold shoes with black sunglasses. He also has long brown hair and a beard.

Personality: TorqueDawg is portrayed to be a rude, prickly individual who doesn't respect anyone. He likes to make fun of others, and is also very loud and loves showing off. He does slightly enjoy those who laugh at his "jokes." He also seems to be a liar since he was talking about being battle in Swamp.

Which is TorqueDawg lot of better?: 62% Very Amazing!

Trivia: He is one fictional characters in ExplodingTNT. who is a real-life YouTuber, the other being Cassie Rose. This is contrary to local belief, since TorqueDawg is a well-known thief. He stole a creeper head trophy from LDShadowLady.

Info: In Minecraft Story Mode, He is the first to die.... now TorqueDawg is back at ExplodingTNT's Video.

TorqueDawg's HP: 4300

Immune: Ground Type
TorqueDawg's Old Face

Power And AbilitiesEdit

1. Superhuman Strength

2. Blitzing Punch

3. Cosmic Awareness

4. Berserk

5. Terry Crews's Old Spice

6. Matter Manipulation

7. Preparation

8. Rage Power

9. Superhuman Durability

TorqueDawg's StatsEdit

Attack Potency: Star Level (Should be stronger as Terry Crews casual spell power attack. TorqueDawg even stated that he is "simply the most powerful character in ExplodingTNT". However this is simply TorqueDawg's opinion), likely Sun level (Can create sunlight for people.)

Speed: Massivly FTL+ (Supieior to Moth-Chan) reactions/combat speed (Comparable to other high tiers.)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman, Possibly Class 7 (Wrestles Gorillas weekly. Adult gorillas carry 2000 kg)

Striking Strength: Star Class

Durability: Star level (Took a free fall with no injuries, a yeti couldn't do anything on him) | (Can tanked on Cassie Rose)

Stamina: Likey Superhuman.

Range: Extended melee range with his punches. Many meters, likely considerably higher, as he destroyed the ground reflection within TNT.

Standard Equipment: Nothing, He only can equip weapon probably.

Intelligence: A bit below average. While TorqueDawg isn't the smartest man, he is a very capable fighter and his implied to be very proficient in various type.


- Casually kills Snowfall Yeti

- Note how the researchers claim that nothing on the world could stop the Yeti. Likely a hyperbole but still gives an idea about how strong the Yeti is.

- Apparently is still able to fight Naga and Swamper even after being weakened.

- Destroys several Mummy.

- Casually destroy at Tower.

- Defeated Desert Prisoners while getting mad at these.

- Caused the extinction of a species of Sharks in Atlantic.


TorqueDawg can be weakened by Posion Arrow.


TorqueDawg is a brave man and He is a fictional character in ExplodingTNT, Who was help ShadowRogueBoy and Cassie Rose to defeated enemies in Swamp, Then Desert, has to succeed is unknown. TorqueDawg is also has a weakened is Posion Arrow.


Notable Victories:

Ethan The Green Jester

Bill Highper

Overly-Achieving Octopus

Notable Losses:

Nobody can beat him.

Inconclusive Matches:

Scott Pilgrim

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