At age 4-8 Joshua Medley started watching movies of super heroes and reading manga and watching anime. Then he started drawing out his idea characters and eventually drew a character named webshotspidey. The same name as his minecraft username ;). Anyway one day he fell asleep and woke up in the morning and had these powers like Kid goku, Naruto, Kakashi and Spider-man yes! and made a costume that was based of his drawing and now he is 23 years old and protects the city Rich City.

Power and Stats

Tier: at least 8-C | 5-C

Name: Webshotspidey

Age: 23

Pita Paka aka Spiderman

Height: 5:1

Weight: 113 pounds

Also Known As: Josh Medley

Gender: Male

Origin: CFC/Cartoon Fight Club Community

1st appearance: As you see at the bottom

Last appearance: Same

Friend: Anthuny Stallings

Huntsman Draconia

Larry Winwood


Nyan Cat Poptart





Danny Vlad

Species: Spidey-Ninja

Quote: "Try your best and be the best."

Origin: When Josh Medley join the community and he has to make the first animation which people lot know Josh was CFC Animator, He has some power in his bio you can see that and Josh first hate Left, He is really bad villian, and Josh can see Left in the city.

Personality: Kind Hearted and very stubborn.

Appearance: Unknown

Which is Josh lot of better?: 62% Extremely Good.

Trivia: Unknown

Info: Josh can stab Left.

Josh's HP: 389

Immune: to any sorts of electricity or webs or guns and knives.

Power And Abilities

1. White Electricity

2. Web Attacks

3. White Blasts

4. Assassin Sense

5. Spider Sense

6. Wind Elements Manipulation

7. Regeneration

8. Shadow Clones

9. Shapeshifting

Josh's Stats

Attack Potency: Building Level | Moon Level

Speed: Supersonic+ | Massively Hypersonic+

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Class K+ | Likely Class T (Via power scaling)

Striking Strength: Building Class | Moon Level

Durability: Building Level | Moon Level

Stamina: High (Can keep up with people 5 times sound speed.)

Range: Ten of meters

Standard Equipment: Kunais, ninja stars.

Intelligence: High




Underestimates his opponents and very stubborn.


Webshotspidey is a fast strong and not so smart super human but he underestimates his opponents more than anyone.


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Inconclusive Matches:

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